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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's Snowing and it's Rivalry Week

So I live in Georgia.

Go ahead and make the jokes. Yes. Our whole state shuts down when it snows. But in defense of Georgia - the last storm was ice people -not just "the devil's dandruff"... (If you don't know what I'm talking about, click here.)  I know that people live in states where 400 blue million inches of snow stays on the ground from September to May, but I don't live there.  I live in the south.  So the piddly amount of snow you see in the next pictures may not shut a town down in one of those states, but it does here. It is what it is.  And thankfully it only happens every 3-5 years!

Anyway. We have had snow this week again. No school Tuesday, Wednesday and we just got the call that there is no school tomorrow!!!  Rock on. That means more of this:

I tend to follow this path.
and it doesn't take me til day 4 to get here....

It is sleeting right now though.  My kids (and husband) are pouting, because they want to be out in the snow, sledding.  I am pouting, because I just read that this lull in the weather is not going to last and the storm will  hit us around 3 today...dumping snow all over us!  One person put a radar pic up on Facebook and said, "...she's a ramping up, deepening, and is ready to lay the smack down!"  I pout over this because I don't want to lose power before THE BIG GAME!!!!

Tonight is the Carolina-Duke game...and as much as I do not like Clemson (see previous post, if you are confused), it is 100 times more when it comes to Duke.  I want Carolina to do to Duke what the dude said the storm was doing.....I want us to ramp up, dig deep and LAY THE SMACK DOWN!

I have so many great Carolina-Duke memories over the years.  I love the rivalry and I hate to lose...and that makes this the game for all the bragging marbles in the state.

As the game approaches, everyone comes out making predictions, comments and stirring up trouble...I love when former Carolina players talk trash.  One of my faves, Kendall Marshall, has been on Twitter today.  I stole this off of former player, Michael Brooker's, Facebook wall...

@KButter5: #dookfans remind the teacher she forgot to collect hw.
@KButter5: #dookfans eat turkey burgers.
@KButter5: #dookfans cut the crust off their PB&J.
@KButter5: #dookfans use bing, not google.
@KButter5: #dookfans hated recess.
Kendall Marshall is a funny guy. He's killing it on Twitter today.

GO HEELS!  Beat dook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And please let me watch the whole game with no power outages.

Stay safe and warm yall!  And cheer loudly for the boys from Carolina!

Game postponed until next week.  Conflicting stories.  Duke says players couldn't make it to gym.  ESPN says players on bus when decision made.  Either way I am mad!  I wrote a little poem about it!

 "They will not play us in the snow
They say eight miles is too far to go
They had all day to make the trip
But now too dangerous, Duke may slip
25,000 students scared them still
They could not drive up to the Hill
A forfeit is what this should be
And the W goes to UNC."

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

I hate Clemson

My sister is on my case to blog something!  So here it goes!

Tonight Carolina plays Clemson.

Clemson has never won in the Dean Dome.

It's been a rough year for my Heels.

I'm really hoping this record (56-0) is still in place after tonight.

I don't like Clemson. I can't explain it. I just do. I think it goes back to Rick Barnes' time at Clemson.
I just want them to lose.

And I REALLY wish ESPN would NOT give Jay Williams (a DOOK grad) our Carolina games to call.  One-he's awful. Two-he graduated from DOOK and three - he's awful.!!!!


                                                           ****** UPDATE!!!******
THE STREAK CONTINUES!!!!  It was a thumping in Chapel Hill!!   So proud!!

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

They did WHAT?

                                      (the photo above came from an online Fox News story)

OK...I realize it has been a long time since I last posted and the title of my last post was "She Loves Well".  And Miss Anna does love know who doesn't love well, though?

The Congress of the United States of America. 

I have always been proud to be an American.  I have told you before that I do believe with all my heart that I was raised by THE MOST patriotic woman in the world.  We are a family that has dedicated much of our lives to serving this country.  My dad served for 29 years in the military---missing my senior year to fight for freedoms in other parts of the world.  I am watching as my brother-in-law tries to attend as many events as is  this year with my nephew because he will miss his senior year due to deployment.

So it makes me SICK to think that career politicians who clearly have shown that they DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE can make the decision that it is in the American people's best interest to shut down our government and keep Obamacare running.

First, I can only imagine the laughter and jokes from all over the world as they hear our government, OUR GOVERNMENT, is shutting down.  We aren't talking about our car manufacturers, people, we are talking about the government of  (what once was) the most powerful country in the nation.  What an embarrassment, Harry Reid.

But the best part about this is that the Senate decided to shut down millions of jobs in order to save a healthcare program THAT THEY REFUSE TO TAKE PART IN AND REFUSE TO LET THEIR STAFF TAKE PART IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on America....when do we hold them responsible?  When do we demand they live like the rest of us?  When do we say enough is enough and take back The Land of the Free and the Home of the BRAVE?

I was furious over this in the early morning hours today...I was laying in bed, waiting for my alarm to go off and it was tearing me up.

Then my alarm did go off and the song that played sang these words to me...

"Day after day our God is reigning, He's never shaken, my hope is in the Lord.
Time after time our God is faithful, trustworthy Savior, my hope is in the Lord."

And I am reminded, that even when the boneheads in Washington, DC make the dumbest decisions, my hope, my security, my peace are all still safe...because they are being held by His Hands.  And thankfully, His Hands, don't every make boneheaded decisions.

So while I wish America would wake up and see what we are doing to ourselves, spiritually and politically, I will rest in His unfailing love and grace, and I will pray for this country I love.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

She Loves Well

I traveled this summer.

I travel every summer.  I am usually gone for about a month (before you try to rob me next year when I leave, please note that my hubby does not travel with us...). :) 

Anyway, every year when I travel, my church family gives me a hard time about being gone so long.  I hear comments like, "We thought you might have joined another church."  "We figured someone ran you off to a 'sister' church." (sister church=another baptist church).  "I thought you moved to another town!"

But there is one lady, one very sweet lady, who tells me every year that I have no business leaving, she tells me she doesn't want me to leave and she is going to be mad at me if I leave again.

I always leave.

But I always come back.

And she always tells me I have been gone too long.

She is "Miss Anna" to almost everyone who knows her.   And that would be everyone in the church.  You can't attend my church and NOT know her.  She is grace, mercy, love, encouragement and honesty all rolled up into one sweet lady.

Everyone is still as stone when Miss Anna prays---everyone listens intently, sensing that God may just answer her audibly right there on the spot.  Everyone listens when she speaks.  She speaks the truth, in a way that makes you feel like your favorite grandmother just gathered you in her lap and is telling you the most amazing story. 

One thing I try NOT to do very often when I am in Miss Anna's presence is look directly in her eyes.  They are kind eyes, mind you, but they are eyes that can see down into your soul.  Or at least she can mine.  And there are some things I might not want her to see.

She knew I was pregnant with my second child, before I even did!  She is just that good.  :)

But no matter what she sees in my eyes, she always tells me she loves me.  She tells me things like, "You make my soul sparkle."  She remembers things I have told her in the past and she questions me on things in my life in which I need to be questioned.  She blesses my soul every time I am with her.

 She makes me feel loved. 

And she teaches me how to love well.

These hands always grab me up and give me a huge hug.  Then she puts them on the side of my face and tells me she missed me, or she loves me, or she is so happy to see me.  Sometimes I hear all three.  She smiles at me.  Genuinely smiles. 

She invests in my life.  I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why, but she does.  And it is a blessing.  She lives out God's love in her interactions with others.  If you meet her, you will be introduced to Jesus. 

I spent the day with her as our church did a prayer walk from our current church to our future church property.  She was a breath of fresh air on a stifling hot day.  And I was so blessed to be able to watch her pour out that same love on so many others.

And I am so thankful that God has allowed her to be a part of my life.  I hope one day to be able to love others as well as she does.  God has certainly given me one of the best example possible.

Love you Miss Anna!!!

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday and I met a movie star! :)

I do love Wednesdays for one reason---I get lots of fashion inspiration from the girls who link up with Lindsey!  Yeah!  That means that, yes, I am putting pictures of myself online.  I promise it is not because I am is for accountability and great advice.   We link up with Lindsey and get GREAT ideas from each other.  Join us!

Well, last week I was frantically packing for three of the four of us to head out for some cousin time, basketball camps and beach time.  So far, we can check off the first two...We left daddy at home to fund all of our summer fun!  :)

Baskets of clothes to be packed behind me...sorry!
Tank: Cotton and Twine
Shirt: Chicos
Pants: Coldwater Creek (maybe)
Flops: store at the beach

Couldn't find the full-length mirror in my sister's house, so I was only able to take a waste up shot!  I was blessed by my sister and BIL to attend the NC/SC baseball game on Saturday so this was me getting ready to go...We won!  And it was LOTS of fun!
Shirt: Anthropologie
Pants: ??? I can't even remember! (that is sad)

Found the full length mirror...the reason I didn't before is because fur ball one and two stay there (see furball 2?  That was right before he grabbed the hem of my shirt and started playing tug of war! :) )
Shirt: ordered online
Pants: Gap
I took Will to basketball camp...dropped him off (moved him in really) to my old dorm and walked away....kinda hard for this momma...but he looked at me once he was unpacked and said, "Ok. Bye."

Tank: Cotton and Twine
Shirt:  online and I can't remember the store name
Pants: NY and Co
Shoes: flip flops

 This is my friend Gina.  She and I have known each other since the first grade. Her dad was in the Army too so it was a miracle that we ended up graduating high school together too.  We both went to UNC and she lives in Raleigh now.  We have tried for so long to get together when I am visiting my sister and the timing is always wrong.  Last year it was because one off her sweet daughters was filming the movie Safe Haven!  Gina brought her kids with her and my Caroline was SO excited to "meet a movie star!"  I think she even squealed!  Mimi, played Lexie in the movie and did an excellent job!  

l to r: my niece Jenny, Mimi, Caroline, Coley, Kate
 I don't have any idea who made the clothes the kids are wearing.  :)

link up with's fun!

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

I do love Wednesdays for one reason---I get lots of fashion inspiration from the girls who link up with Lindsey!  Yeah!  That means that, yes, I am putting pictures of myself online.  I promise it is not because I am is for accountability and great advice.   We link up with Lindsey and get GREAT ideas from each other.  Join us!

My pictures are literally huge this week and I have no idea how to fix this.  I am sorry.  Probably way more than you wanted to see of me...all up close and personal.  When I uploaded like I usually do, my pictures looked like this:

and there was no fixing it.  I had to click "original size" for it to show up correctly and I feel like that setting has me my normal, everyday, in real life size.  :)

Dress and Sweater: LOFT
Scarf and Leggings: Cotton and Twine
Shoes: ????

I love my cut you will see in the next picture.  Dress them down, dress them up (as much as you can with cut offs)...comfy
cut offs and tee: LOFT
Flops: Old navy can make them dressier with heels...right? :)
Cut offs: LOFT
Shirt: Chicos
Shoes: Dillards
We met up with friends we had not seen for 14 years and had lunch!  SO fun! 

FAVE outfit of the week.  This skirt bounced when I walked and I felt like a princess for some reason.
Skirt: Ann Taylor
Shirt: Chicos
Shoes: Dillards

Link up...I promise it is fun!  I am going to have some guest appearances next week, so be on the lookout!

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