Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all. Not that there are any of you out there...but just in case! It was an uneventful night in my house. We took our kids to eat at a new Japanese Hibachi place here in Dalton and Caroline covered her ears every time they lit the grill on fire (still trying to figure out how that helped her) and Will said it was the best place he had ever been. Clearly, he needs to get out more!
We bought sparkling something that is still unopened in my refrigerator and we went home. We watched GA Tech get stomped into the ground by LSU, did some laundry, watched Carolina beat up on Nevada and then alternated back and forth between daring stunts on ESPN brought to you by Red Bull and all the shows that counted down til the new year. Will had to sing for the last 10 minutes of 2008 in order to stay awake, (to the tune of the Farmer in the Dell) "I just have 10 minutes, I just have 10 minutes, I just have 10 minutes til the new year comes!" Once the ball fell, dropped, slowly lumbered its way down to the bottom of the big stick it was on, Will and I screamed and yelled (cuz someone said it was bad luck not to) and then everyone on the screen started kissing (including the Clintons....some things did not need to be seen....EVER...even if it was NYE) and Will said, "I really did not need to see that." :) Love him!
So we went to bed, and somehow through out the night, we played musical beds cuz this morning...Caroline was in MY bed, Mark was in Caroline's bed and Will was in his bed...although he was upside down, no covers and apparently he borrowed a roosters hair to replace his own sometime after midnight....But all that said, at 8:30 this morning my phone rang with my mother and father on the other line shouting, "Happy New Year" (well, truth be told, my dad said, "Happy Birthday" first, but we will skip right passed that and not even think that he might have a memory issue)! No one else was up in my house...until the phone rang. Then Caroline woke up...all grumpy and crying....nothing rings in the new year like a super early phone call on new years day to start the day out on a happy note! Cheers!
I checked Angie's blog (LOVE, LOVE her) to make sure that I had not won her giveaway...I want to know about that random number thingie she used....I think it is evil as it NEVER chooses MY number....and I had not won and then I posted this! So, there is my first hour in 2009. Aren't you glad to know that...this day holds football for us I do believe. MOH's team (South Carolina Gamecocks....go ahead, make all the cracks that come screaming to mind with that name, I already have...for the last 12.5 years) plays at 11 in the Outback Bowl. Many years ago we went to the Outback Bowl to see the chickens play....many years and BK (before kids)....I thought I had a picture...but apparently not. Aren't you disappointed?
Happy New Year...may your team win their bowl game and may you keep your resolution for at least 24 hours (I, incidently, did not make any this year, because I am tired of being a failure on the 2nd day of the New Year!)! So far, it is working for me!

Blessings to you all!

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  1. I love your blog!!! I can't believe I'm the 1st one to leave a comment! Yeah me!!! Sounds like you guys rocked it up on New Years, next year, take it easy! I love ya!