Friday, January 30, 2009

It is almost February!

OK-so I have not typed a message in almost a month...though I am not sure anyone reads it! So that makes it ok. Since the start of 2009, we have had some snow (even a day out of school for "something" though I could not tell you what because there was nothing on the ground the next day); we have watched some basketball...ok, we have watched LOTS of basketball; Will has cried over lots of Carolina basketball; Will has played lots of basketball; we found out Mark has passed the Professional Engineering Exam (whoo-hoo!!!); and I have helped to plan and carried through with my first women's conference at our church. That, by the way, was amazing. It was a great day with Shawn Lantz and Nicol Sponberg!

This is the gang: Shawn, me, Nicol, Jennifer and Renee

I am kinda sad that the conference is over...don't get me was A LOT of work and I was stressed to the max (mainly about having to stand up and welcome everyone and pray in front of people--so if you were going to ask me to speak to your group about something you may want to re-think that! LOL), but it was so amazing to see God show up and do great things! We had lots of great feedback and are working on some ideas for the months ahead. Well, I am planning and scheming and am going to drag Jennifer and Renee into it with me! SHHH! Don't tell them. God may just get the young (I use that term loosely to describe myself) women of Dalton, GA on fire for Him soon!
So Will has started taking AR tests at school...this working and doing homework and trying to be a wife and mom and take care of my house is hard. I have decided I can't do it all. I realize that something has to give and apparently, by the look of it, it is the house! I hate that for the house. But as my very wise older sister told me once, "You don't have to clean it until it is on the verge of making you or someone in your family sick." Score! I probably have about five more minutes before the airborne illnesses take over!
On the plus side, Caroline (aka-Freaky Ailment Girl) received a clean bill of health last week. Her yucky, unexplained rash is FINALLY gone after 7 months of trying to figure it out and treat it! I can't tell you how excited I am that I do not have to spend an extra 30 minutes after bath time applying lotion, acid gel and skin cancer cream to the 472 bumps on her arms and belly. I have time for more games of pathwords on facebook and that makes me happy!
OK-this is getting long and rambly (no, that is probably not a word) so I am going to wrap it up. I will close with two of Mark and the kids. One of me and the is so hard to get a picture of the four of us, so we compromise!

(My kids don't look happy in the picture with me, but I assure, they love me and we ARE having a good time!)

Blessings to you and yours!


  1. Congrats on having the rash clear up:-)Pathwords is WAY fun!
    (I followed a link from Mckmama's blog to visit you, hope you don't mind)

  2. Paige!!! I am so happy to hear that your man passed the P.E. I know what a huge load that has to be off of your mind. Yes, I got your message. You all coordinate your schedules to come here and I'm game for the girls' night out!! Your kids are beautiful. I hope you had an awesome time with your family this last weekend. Love you, girlfriend. Praying for you! Shawn