Friday, February 20, 2009

Fun Trip to North Carolina

Ok--I am so not good at this blog thing when it comes to timely updates! I guess that may come from the fact that I don't think anyone is actually reading them...LOL!

I grew up as an Army Brat....which for those who don't know is a child of a parent in the Army who usually gets to travel moves a lot in their does NOT mean we are actual least not everyday! :) Anyway, I did have to move a lot in my life. Born in Utah, moved to NY, KS, NC, VA, Germany, AL...then got married, moved to Atlanta...lived there two years and we moved again...small town...I thought...ok...just a few years we will move again...oops...11 years later we are STILL HERE! All of that said, I lived in North Carolina for 7.5 years off and on....and ended up going to college there (THE University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill). I love North Carolina...the university and the state and have just returned from a great visit to see one of my sisters! She just so happens to live in Chapel Hill...which is always great fun to return and have those college memories come flooding back! This year, I had the privilege of going to a home basketball game for the first time since I graduated in '95 and for the first time with my firstborn!

I admit I totally have brainwashed my son...he is a die-hard, bleed carolina blue Tarheel fan! And he got to see the home team whoop up on the NC State Wolfpack on Wednesday night.

He seemed nervous, but then got all into the game and was screaming and yelling and clapping and chest bumping his cousin on good plays. My sister and her family have season tickets to the basketball games so they often don't stay for the whole game (since their kids are 6, 4 and 2). At halftime, my nephew started asking when we were leaving. In a very cute but VERY serious manner, my sweet son looked at me and said, "We are NOT leaving this place until it is over!" I love him! We did stay til the bitter end and had a grand time!

The sweet cousins left at home for the night had a wonderful time too...we think!

Make believe and make-up made up for the fact that these sweet little ones were not able to attend the game with us (though Caroline did cry pretty dramatically when we walked out the door!) :)

My family (minus Mark who did not go with us) had a great time...the kids absolutely love their cousins and it makes their mama and her sister really wish we lived closer! My sweet sister wore me out. I just want that known...she is on the go...all the time and there were no "stay in your pajamas and drink coffee all morning" mornings. So today...I have deemed it that day....At 1:56pm, I am proud to say, that I am still in my pajamas and it feels good! (I even went out and to the bank in them...major accomplishment for me). I love pajama days!

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