Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me, Mondays hosted originally by MckMama! Head on over to her site to see what she has not been doing this week!

This is not my first attempt at a Not Me, Monday and I certainly did NOT try this while at work! Nope, not me!

I did not, while driving on a seven hour drive to North Carolina, tell my potty-training three year old to just go in her pull-up because I was not stopping yet again when she was the only one who needed to go. Nope, I did not! I also did not tell that said three year old to quit drinking water so the need to stop would not be there anymore! Nope! Not me!

I did not tell my six year old son that he would not go to the North Carolina basketball game if he did not eat all of his vegetables and then take him before those said vegetables had even attempted to be put in his mouth! I did not do that because I never give idle threats! Not me!

I did not, after returning home with my angels from that wonderful trip to NC, call my husband at work and chew him out for not finishing the painting of the three year old's room and leaving the house in disarray! I did not tell him that windows should have been painted before new outlet covers were installed so the three year old darling could have her blinds back up and actually GO TO SLEEP IN HER OWN BED! Nope, that wasn't me. I definitely did NOT hang up on him when he said to me, "I guess no good deed goes unpunished!"

And lastly, I did not stay in my pajamas all day Friday, even venturing out to pick up and drop off a play date, and then again on Saturday! Nope, not me. That would be gross and extremely lazy!!


  1. YAY!!! a fellow blogger. I have fun with mine!:) What is twitter?! never heard of it. Trey is on Mardi Gras break, so we're off to visit my mama. Have a great week!! love you. Sarah

  2. and yes i've come to your page like a thousand times because why am I showing up as Merry Christmas still? do you know how to fix that?:)