Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Negative Numbers and Hot Polish

My family gives me so much to laugh about each day. With a six year old and a three year old (and a thirty-something husband) around, there just are not days when you won't hear laughter coming from our house (or car, or near us at the ball fields, or in a restaurant where we are eating). Mainly the cause of the laughter stems from the darndest things that those children of mine say.

Will has a long list of funny sayings that my family still uses even though he does not! Things like "concreke" instead of concrete and "diving room" instead of dining room. I won't bore you with them all, but if you ever wonder...just ask my dad. He can use almost all of them in one to two sentences! :)

A little background...Will is six, in kindergarten and LOVES math! He gets his love for math from his dad who is a civil engineer (though he thinks that his math abilities comes from me because I teach math...4th grade math...and I am NOT telling him otherwise right now!). Soon his math abilities will be better than mine, but for now...I am gonna be the math genius in his life! He loves math so much that the other day when we were in Wally World he asked me to get him a book with math problems in it that he could do at home. We checked the school section and found 2 possibilities. One was a Kindergarten book which he immediately deemed to easy! So we looked at the 1st-2nd grade book and he was all pumped up for it because it had multiplication problems at the back! So off to the register we went with our big time math book!

I discovered that Will is very much like his dad not only in math, but also in the need to do the problems in the book in order...page by page. So even though the beginning was easy and he did not "need" to practice, he wanted the pages completed. I read some directions to him and he was off to complete the pages. I decide since it is already noon and I have not washed my hair in two days to take a shower. While I am in the shower, his daddy is asked for help on a page of subtraction!

Here is the example on the top of the page. See it has three total bears (hence the red 3 at top of subtraction problem) and one is running away....which leaves two bears sitting. Well, Mark, being the mathematician that he is, as well as being a man, did not read the directions. :) So Will comes running back to me as I am drying my hair and tells me that he knows how to do negative numbers. What? I go to the den and he shows me his book...

Now, this is the fixed version, but when I got to the den #6 said 1-2= -1! I looked over at Mark with the most astonishing look on my face and he very seriously said, "What? I didn't write the book!" I calmly said, "Seriously? I mean really? (channeled a little SNL) It is a 1st grade math book...do you REALLY think they would do negative numbers on page 7?" I explained to him (and to Will) that you count ALL the bears and then you subtract the one(s) running away. He asked me how he was supposed to know that...perhaps check out the example at the top of the page? Oh yeah...the example...kinda like the directions...or a map? Will was bummed because he thought now he did not know negative numbers. I told him he could still know what they were, he just wouldn't use them for a while! :)

On to the hot polish....

Caroline has the absolute sweetest caretaker...Ms. Haley. Haley loves on Caroline like we do and she is even ok with Caroline hanging out with her at the ballfields after watching her all day long! She is always thinking of Caroline and doing sweet things for her. Last night at the ballfields Haley told Caroline she had gotten some hot pink nail polish and wanted to paint her fingernails and toenails. Caroline got really upset and Haley couldn't figure out why...Caroline LOVES to have her nails painted (like any good girl does). Caroline said, "It will burn me!" We were confused...until we thought...HOT pink...she thinks Hot as in temperature...we are still laughing!

Here is that sweet Hot pink little girl...she needed glasses to keep the sun out of her eyes. And yes, she says the glasses work better upside down!

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