Monday, March 2, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me, Monday! This is a fun way to confess some of the things that we do in the course of a week that we may not confess otherwise. No judgement here, we all feel each other's pain and laugh as we read thinking, "I have done that too!"
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Here We Go- A Not Me About My Husband

My husband has been playing basketball on Monday nights at the church with "the guys" for years now. He enjoys it and now takes Will with him most of the time. They leave at 6:30pm and usually get home around 9pm. Monday they came home around 8 ( and I was NOT the slightest bit disappointed since Caroline was almost asleep and I was going to have an hour to myself!!!) and I met them at the door to see Mark limping. He said he thought he sprained his ankle (I did NOT think, "Oh great! Now he is going to be a baby for the next few days about his ankle." I also did NOT think, "What did he think would happen at his age, playing ball?")! He was walking on it, for a while. Later in the night, kids asleep, he struggled to walk down the hall and screamed for my help! I did NOT yell back to him, "BE QUIET BEFORE YOU WAKE UP THE KIDS!" I also did NOT get concerned when I got to him and he was pale white and sweating profusely! My first thought was NOT, "Oh great, if his ankle is broken, I won't be able to go out with the girls this weekend!" (his ankle is not broken, by the way)

I did NOT roll my eyes at said limping husband on Tuesday when he came home from work and said he thought he had a hernia (I also did NOT have to get him to tell me what a hernia was either). I asked him how long he thought he had this hernia and he said @ 6 weeks. I did NOT think, "Why is this the first time I have heard about this?" I did NOT roll my eyes again when he told me he had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday to determine if he had a hernia. And I certainly did NOT ask him to make sure that if he had to have surgery that he schedule it for AFTER the ACC Tournament!

On Wednesday, after a very long day in which I left the house at 6:40am and did not return until 8:45pm, I did NOT forget to ask him about his doctor's appointment. I did NOT give him an "I told you so" look when he told me the doctor does not think he has a hernia. I did NOT stay up until midnight grading papers on Wednesday. And I certainly did NOT almost scream at above mentioned husband when he walked into the bedroom at 12:15am and asked me for a thermometer because he thought he had the flu! I was NOT screaming very loudly in my head either, "Really? I mean seriously? In three days you have had a broken foot (NOT), a hernia (NOT) and NOW THE FLU?"

I did NOT take his temperature (99.0) and did NOT lie to him and tell him that he had a definite fever and probably the flu. I did NOT get him some advil and tell him to stay on the couch so he would not contaminate the rest of the house. And I did NOT then go crawl back into bed and fall fast asleep!

I did NOT go to school the next day and laugh about all of this with my fellow teachers!

And lastly, I did NOT tell my three year old that it was still the middle of the night when she woke up at 7am on Saturday morning! I did NOT get mad either, when she did not fall for it!

Happy Not Me-ing!


  1. Love it...I am totally going to have to start doing this:).

  2. Just saying hey - from another Paige.

    I love your " I did not" list. I am so going to have to start doing these on Mondays. Have a great weekend!