Sunday, March 8, 2009

Not Me Monday

This is free therapy provided to us all by MckMama. Head over to her site and read all about what she has not been doing this week!


This week was a slow week for things I need to confess. Slow, does not mean I am free of the need to confess things, just not a lot of interesting things you will want to read about. But, I will press on!

I have morning hall duty on Mondays for the month of March. Last Monday, I was up early enough to make it to work in plenty of time. I woke up my six year old and handed him his clothes (which he usually puts on all on his own) and went to get everything ready to leave. I went back to check on the unusually quiet child and HE WAS BACK ASLEEP! I did NOT then startle him with a loud shriek that could wake the dead shake and a quick "GETUPANDGETDRESSEDNOW!" Nope, not me!

I went to start the car and load the bags and then came back in to grab his lil' sister and called to him again... When I got no answer, I did NOT begin to increase the intensity in my voice. Nope, not me. He had fallen asleep on the I told him to get his shoes on...and went to get his sister. It never dawned on me that the 2 pair of identical shoes sent to me from my sister would cause any kind of problem. Nope, never did!

We got in the car and half way to school, he said to me, "Mom, my toes feel funny in my shoes." I did NOT huff and puff and say in a very irritated voice, "Well, are they on the wrong feet?" Nope, no irritated me here this week! He switched shoes and I figured all was well.

Until we got to school and he mentioned that his shoes still felt funny. So I opened the door and looked at him and said, "Well, that is because you have two left shoes on! If you had put your shoes by your bed like you are supposed to, this wouldn't have happened!" Nope, I never said that to my six year old! I did not then call my husband to tell him to please bring him one right shoe to school without giving an explanation! Nope, not me, I always leave plenty of details when I leave him a message!

I then went to my room so frustrated that my kid would have to walk around in two left shoes. I did not then go to turn on my computer only to find it was not there! Nope, not me...I would never have taken my computer home for the weekend and then LEFT IT THERE! I would never be so irresponsible or unorganized! Not me! I did NOT wonder, "HMMMM, maybe that is where he gets it from...."! Nope, not me!

I did NOT post this on Sunday night either! Nope, not me. I would not break the rules like that!

What have you NOT been doing this week?
(stay tuned for a pretty funny post on Mark helping Will with math work...I did NOT want to post another Not Me on Mark!)

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