Sunday, March 29, 2009

Not Me Monday

Not Me Monday

While watching the movie, “Monsters vs. Aliens” I did NOT put my inattentive three year old daughter in time out on my lap and tell her not to move or talk until I told her time was up. I would never do that! Not me! And when she asked me if her three minutes was up yet I certainly did NOT tell her no, even though she had been sitting there for almost 30 minutes. I would never lie to my child. What kind of lesson would that teach her? No, not me…I would never be dishonest with my child.

I also, most certainly did NOT text my parents on the way home and apologize to my mom for all the times I kicked the back of her seat when I was little. I would never HAVE to do that because I was not that kind of kid. Nope, Not me!

I did not follow up that text with another one that apologized for talking non-stop all the time. I don’t talk non-stop, to anyone, anytime, anywhere. That is not me. I would NEVER talk to strangers like they were my friend! And I was not the LEAST bit offended when my parents wrote back, “Having trouble with your Paige-clone? Tell Caroline we love her!” Nope, not me! I would have no reason to be offended.

What have you NOT been doing this week?

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