Thursday, March 19, 2009


(update at the bottom with a picture of Steve and his wife, Sue, whom he calls "Precious")

My sweet friend Sherri is in need of prayer right now!

Her family has been hit hard with cancer. In 2007, her sister, Stephanie McMinn, died after a long battle with breast cancer. She was an amazing woman and her faith was gigantic. She was always giving God the glory and putting her trust in her all loving God! She was famous for saying she did not know what was in front of her, but "God goes before me." Meaning, I don't know, but He does...and He goes before me and paves the way! So amazing, in the midst of struggling for NINE years that she could give Him that glory.

I realized, two days before she died where that strength came from. See, two days before she met her Lord and Savior face and face and heard the words, "Well, done, my good and faithful servant.", Sherri and Stephanie found out that their sweet sweet dad, Steve, had cancer. Mantle Cell cure. UGH! Stephanie died unexpectedly...yes she had cancer and it was bad, but she had just gotten out of the hospital. We thought there were a few more weeks. We prayed that there more weeks. Sherri had tickets to fly home later in September. But Stephanie was called home earlier than we all thought! And her dad seemed to take her place in the treatment centers. He had great faith, though...hmmmm

He went through a year of chemo treatment and when he was tested to see if they had put the cancer in remission (the cancer goes into remission temporarily and then usually comes back) he got a favorable report. Very humbled and full of faith, yet again. He started filling out the application for a stem cell transplant and things were looking good. He got accepted for the transplant and they were ready to go to Nashville and then the shingles set in. Horrible pain...stopped chemo...never stopped believing in God's love for him. Then his sweet wife (whom he calls Precious) got an abnormal mammogram and had to have a biopsy (praise the Lord, it came back as non-cancerous). Faith? Never wavered!

The time has come then for the transplant. He had to go through major testing this week to determine if his body was ready. So many things many things might not be ready to go...not his faith, though...good as gold!

So he got the news today...the transplant is on! Praise the Lord! I am both excited and scared and so I ask you to pray for him. His name is Steve Felts and he is man of God! He needs our prayer coverage...please pray!
He signs every email, "Standing on the Rock, looking up." A testimony, no doubt of his faith. The faith his daughter showed as well during her battle. Stephanie's faith was no was a legacy. And she carried it well.

Please add this family to your prayer list! I will be forever grateful!


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