Monday, April 6, 2009

Not Me!

Not Me Monday


I did NOT ignore my children at all as they ran through the house the other day arguing over whether they were playing against each other or on the same team. I usually do try to step in to remind them that we are a family and on the same team but I did not do that this time. I also, did NOT laugh out loud, when my three year old daughter said, "Fine then. I am not on your team! Mom?!?!?! Mom!!???!! Can I take my shirt off so I can be a skin?" I would never encourage such behavior or talk between my children nor would I allow my daughter to go around shirtless. Not me!

I did not tell my same three year old daugher to quit complaining about dinner or she would be going to bed early and hungry. I did not interrupt her everytime she started to say, "But mom...." with an "I am not listening to it young lady. Eat your dinner!" I would never do that, because I am kind and caring and always give my children a chance to speak their mind. I was also not mortified when she announced that she was "gwossed out" because her food had hair in it! Oh my! Not me! I would never make my children eat hairy food! That IS gross! (turns out it was just the stringy stuff on the fresh corn that had not all been taking off...)! :)

What have you NOT been doing this week?

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