Friday, April 3, 2009

Photo Post!

I love to see pictures of just about anything. When I am reading on someone's blog I love to see pictures of, well, whatever. I think it is fun. So, I try to post pictures as often as I can when I write. Since I have missed putting pictures on some posts, I am making up for it here. So, a photo post with a few cute kids...and a couple of captions!

She LOVES to talk on the cell phone...especially to her Aunt Leslie!!! Oh...they start early!

Him, not so much, but will if it is necessary. Here he is talking baseball with his cousin Elijah. It was a pretty cute conversation between two six year old boys. (don't you love his purple Larry Boy pajamas? He LOVES them and calls himself the Purple Monster!)

We were in Chattanooga and waiting to sit down and eat dinner. They were fascinated by this "fountain"! Will wanted throw a penny in it and Caroline...well, she wanted to swim in it.

They were looking at the Tennessee River. Will was in awe and wanted to just watch and Caroline...well she wanted to swim in it!

This is Will with his 3-D glasses on before Monsters vs. Aliens.

This is Caroline...she did not care that they were on wrong. In fact, she told us ours were on wrong and hers were right!

And she was firm on that!

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