Monday, April 20, 2009

Such Fun!


I just returned from the beach for 11 days and while it was cold, it was so worth it! Remember my whining about how cold and rainy it had been for SO long (click here if you don't). Well, I finally got to say good-bye to my little town and head to my parent's house for a little R & R in the sun!!

Well, the R & R was definitely was the sun that did not show itself until Thursday and then it came riding in on a most definite strong wind! But we ventured out into the sun Thursday-Saturday. and my foolish, brainlesschildren actually got into the frigid waters! BRRR!!!! A good time was had by all though and I even documented with some pictures!
Easter dinner was great...Will, honey, I think you have green beans between your teeth!

Easter Sunday before church. We wanted to take a picture like my grandmother would have taken outside by her pretty flowers...this was the only thing blooming! :)

Grandma and Grandpa and some of the grandchildren!

Caroline relaxing by the fountain while we waited on grandma...she (surprisingly) wanted to swim in it!
We even fit in a trip to the aquarium on one of the windy, cool days and Caroline had the time of her life (Will did too, but he was not as shocked by what was in the tank!)!
This is what she is pointing at! YIKES!
My little pirates...climbing on the pirate ship structure....stopping for a picture to appease mom!
Caroline was not afraid this year (last year she was deathly afraid---stayed very far back from the water and kept asking me to turn it down because it was too loud!) I love that kid! She would run from the waves and laugh, saying, "It's chasing me, mom!"
Caroline buried Will....
And in turn, Will buried Caroline!

We had a GREAT time and can't wait to go back this summer (when mom doesn't have to wear a sweatshirt on the beach to stay warm!)!!!!!

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