Friday, May 1, 2009

A Fun Weekend Ahead!

We have some totally amazing, mind blowing good plans for the weekend. Actually, Mark and I have plans for the weekend. The kids have no clue! Now don't be fooled. Mark and I don't actually have plans TOGETHER!!! That would be crazy, for a couple to spend time together with their kids. Who has ever heard of that? Ridiculous!

Mark is going to be doing this:

And the kids and I will be going here...

(that would be the Opryland Hotel) see this man...
(that would be "Grandpa" for any of you afraid that we are going to a looney bin to see the patients)....

My kids will be so excited to go back to this hotel. Now, please note, we VISITED this hotel in December but we did not stay here! However, we did kill about 3 hours in this hotel while we waited for Will's basketball games to start. The kids were in complete awe! And this time they GET TO STAY THERE! All courtesy of the crazy man in the picture from above Grandpa!
Will wanted to take the boat ride last time, but we didn't...I am thinking he will get his wish this go 'round!
I am also hoping to be able to see my sweet friend Shawn while I am there and at least get to hug her neck (Grandpa actually has to get some work done, so we are being kicked out of the room have to leave for a few hours in order for him to work). Hopefully, that time can be spent with my friend.

I will try and post as the weekend goes on...and keep you posted on all of our awesome adventures!!!!

Happy Friday to you all!