Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Beach

So we left for the beach 0530...excited and ready to get there before we ever left home. I had to make a quick stop 10 minutes down the road to fix Caroline's seat and when we pulled into the parking lot of the rest area...this is what we saw.

This lady was laying on a blanket... on a bench ..... in the dark.... at a rest area. I immediately spoke without thinking (shocking, I know) about how dangerous that was...not thinking I might have to explain why that was dangerous... Never six year old sweet child said, "Yeah, someone might come steal her keys, and take her car and then how would she get home...or to the beach!" I was glad that was what he thought was "bad and dangerous"!

So I reminded my kids that they had to sleep until the sun came up (you know..after we stopped to fix the seat and saw the lady asleep....)--because that is my rule on this trip...we do NOT stay up from 0530 need some peace and quiet!

So Will, being the obedient one, went right to sleep. Caroline, did not. Only everytime I tried to take a picture of her being awake, she flopped to a sleeping position! NO JOKE!

She is SO not sleeping in that picture! (or the other 3 I have of her "asleep")! Needless to say, I could not "catch" her awake...and later she even talked about how nice it was to sleep in IN the car! I just smiled!

I don't usually drive all the way into Atlanta when I go to the beach either. I usually take I-285 around Atlanta because I believe it is faster (Mark and I disagree on this point)....but today I was feeling frisky, so I drove through...and saw the exit where Mark and I used to newlyweds...

That exit where we lived would be Northside Dr., not 75 South...though it could be argued we lived then on 75 south because we could DEFINITELY hear it from our apartment and that we live NOW on 75 south because you can see it and hear it from our house....LOL

I snapped a picture of the Westin Hotel (still showing damage from the tornado that came through 1.5 years ago) because this was one of our first the restaurant at the top of the hotel. Mark said he wants to go back...when they get that whole "structurely sound" stuff worked out!

It takes about 8 hours to get to the beach (where my parents live) and my kids are always pretty good on that trip. Today they were super excited to get there and Caroline kept asking if she could put her bathing suit right on upon arrival and head to the beach. I said yes, of course, but ironically...there are no pictures of HER on the beach...or at the pool...she was there...I am not sure how she elluded my camera....

Needless to say we ate some lunch at grandma's and then hit the beach for a few hours and then the are the pictures to prove it....

Hello little almost one year old niece that I just met today...on the beach...all slathered up in sunscreen, my hair in a ponytail and sunglasses on....needless to say (I have said that a lot today) I think I scared her and she is not too fond of me right now! :)

Will doing his favorite thing...boogey boarding...don't let that calm water fool was rough out there today...see the next picture...

Ok...not that one...that is Leslie and Gracie floating on a boogie board with no intention to ride a wave in out past the "rough" stuff....seriously, the next picture has my nephew Trey somewhere in it!

He was not a happy camper when that calmed down! So he needed a pep talk from grandpa (which, incidentally, did not work....he did not go back out to boogie board anymore).

He decided to dig in the sand with the other cousins...which I must not have been interested in photographing...

We decided soon to leave for the fresher waters of the cholorinated pool...only to find out that mom and dad's pool (the one with the food and drinks) was closed for a wedding...bummer. But never fear...Leslie's neighborhood has a pool (minus the food and drink mind you...but we said we would suffer through it) we went there. We even ran off some old fuddy duddy's who did not like to have to listen to children squeal and laugh and basically have a good time...

The boys decided to jump and catch...sort of....Sweet Lindsey threw the ball to the boys as dad (grandpa) said, "1-2-3-GO!" and each boy tried to catch it in was fun to watch...check out their form...Trey's is hysterical if you ask me...which you didn't.

Elijah....he got confident enough to try to catch it and turn 360s before he hit the water.

Will worked hard to just catch it and go into the water....
But Trey......

He tried to catch the ball and then sit on the water....he kept going under but we laughed so hard each time he "sat down"!

More later (with pics of Caroline)....I promise!


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