Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just a Lazy Summer Day!

I love summer. I love the fact that I have the best job in the world for those of us who have to work outside of the home, because I get to be IN the home with them all summer. And I love not having to get up, get dressed, drink my coffee and be AT work all before 7 am.

Monday was my first official day that I did not have to be anywhere...(Friday I had to finish up at school, Saturday Will had a 9am baseball game, and Sunday was church). I updated my Facebook account to state that "I love not having to be anywhere...or do anything..." I drank my coffee and watched some news and then glanced around me.

EEEUUWWWW!!! My house was gross. I tried to ignore it but the dirt and toys and junk were screaming my name from every inch of the house! I could not stand to stay on the couch anymore...I had to clean... And the laundry. Oh My Word at the laundry! I could not have made it out the door today with the piles of laundry grabbing at my ankles! We may not have had any clean clothes tomorrow if I had not dragged myself up off the couch to start that blasted machine going. I am not sure I would have started if I had known that I would be doing the laundry ALL DAY LONG!!! I digress...sorry.

This was a post about the lazy first day of summer. So, the more I straightened and put things away so I could finally scrub things down cleaned the madder I got. Then my husband called to say he was coming home. I told him if he wanted to have any dinner tonight he better stop for some charcoal because "I can not grill anything when I have no charcoal..." He says sure and I keep putting up all of the blasted toys...why do these kids have so many toys and who keeps buying them for them? cleaning.

However, unbeknownst to me or my charcoal-baring husband, I was getting extremely angry the longer I cleaned. When he walked through the door with my purchase for the grill and asked me how I was, I responded with something like this (and I paraphrase), "HOW AM I? HOW AM I? IT IS MY FIRST DAY OFF FOR SUMMER VACATION AND I AM CLEANING THE HOUSE AND YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW I AM DOING? I SHOULD BE OUT AND ABOUT DOING FUN THINGS WITH MY CHILDREN, THINGS I CAN'T DO WHILE I WORK DURING THE SCHOOL YEAR BUT NO, I AM TRAPPED IN THE HOUSE CLEANING! CLEANING. THIS IS NOT WHAT I PICTURED FOR MY FIRST DAY OFF FOR THE SUMMER. WHERE ARE MY FUN, RELAXING LAZY DAYS OF SUMMER?
(this continues on for a while longer and he is dumbfounded....and I begin to get lightheaded from all the yelling)...

I am sure he is wondering what happened to this person...who was all smiles and photo crazy just 18 hours earlier....this person who never takes pictures of herself but was feeling wild yesterday and wanted a picture of her and her wonderful husband....

But I don't even know where she is....

He left (more like fled) back to work and I continued to clean the rest of the day...and then posted on my facebook account " I do NOT like to clean house...and I just spent all day doing it...and now I am being OCD about anyone leaving anything laying around."

And then I remembered I had dinner to grill...so I fixed spaghetti.

Here's to a better day today... one more like this...

Happy Summer Yall!

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