Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me!

Welcome to Not Me, Monday! This wonderful and free counseling or confession (however you see it) was initiated by MckMama. Check out her site to see what a lot of other people have NOT been doing this week!

I did NOT get all fired up at a baseball game...a 7 year old baseball game...and tell my son that if he did not get a hit at his next up to bat we were going home. I would never put that kind of pressure on my 7 year old baseball player who incidentally is only 6. (He hit the ball though...however I am NOT endorsing that kind of behavior)!

I did NOT get distracted at yet another 7 year old baseball game because of all of the phone calls pouring in to tell us that Michael Jackson had died. I did NOT feel bad for my husband whose phone had not rung with this information and have another mom call and tell him while he was standing right beside us! I did NOT almost die laughing while she called him and while he acted so serious! Our umpire did NOT get distracted either and make us earn 5 outs that inning either!!!! He would never do that to our 7 year olds (and some 6 year olds)!

I did NOT almost faint in the doctor's office after my essure procedure while I was coming off of my valium. I did NOT require 3 blood pressure checks, 2 nurses and 1 doctor to help me recover. I did NOT ignore people I knew in the waiting room who were waving at me as I sat waiting for one of those blood pressure checks because I was NOT sure if I was hallucinating or actually seeing them for real. (sorry if that was any of you!)

I did NOT drive to the beach on Saturday for an almost 3 week stay at my parents house in Pawleys Island, SC! :)

This is NOT a picture of Caroline sporting many floatation devices at Sunday night's Fourth of July celebration (celebrated on June 28th...what can we say? This state loses their governor for a least the celebration was during the WEEK of the 4th!)!

What have you NOT been doing? Come can tell us...we will NOT tell anyone! :)


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  1. Just wanted to say hello from MckMama's blog! I'm a southerner myself from South Carolina! :o) Nice to meet ya.