Saturday, June 27, 2009

An Overdue Post That Should Have Been 2...or 3!

Oh what a week!

It has been a banner week all around. Hollywood lost some pretty big names in Farrah (my dad had a poster of her that I teased him about earlier in the week stating that I could not believe my mom let him have it and he told me...SHE BOUGHT IT FOR HIM! I am still processing that), Ed (Star Search was one of my favs...) and Michael...great music, strange man.

It has been a banner week in our household as well...let's see if I can keep up with it all...

Monday and Tuesday were spent at the ballfields for Will's regular season tournament. They were 1-1 after Monday (double elimination) and came back strong on Tuesday to win both game and make it to the semi-finals.

Big Hit from Will! Altercation with coach from other team.

Will's team won that game and the game after to march them into the semi-final game on Thursday with the team we had lost to on Monday night. Needless to say, we lost again...not quite so bad as Monday, but the season was over....

However, you could not tell on their faces....(there was a picture here that disappeared...I have been wondering how to delete a picture once put on my blog and while I still don't know how I did, I am apparently capable)!

In between Tuesday's stellar performance and Thursday's halt to the season, I had my second procedure done (don't remember? go here for reference). There was absolutely no reason to think that this procedure --an essure (a tubal without surgery)--would be as bad as the first. EVERYONE said the essure was not bad at all. And you know...I am not sure that the essure itself was bad...I think I realized one important thing though...I am bad on valium...and I had to take it again. Actually, to be totally honest...ON valium I am is the coming off of the wonderful, yet short-lived high that almost kills me. Now, I am not saying the essure is a walk in the park...unless you like walks in the park in torrential downpours, with lightening striking all around, wind howling in your ears and hail large enough to make you look for cows (think: the movie Twister) (Leigh Ann, I put that in there for you...)...but when the procedure is over and your nurse looks at you and says..."Oh my...don't sit up yet...let me get you something cold to drink...what you would you like?" you know you don't look good!

So, I say, "Am I dying? Cuz if I am dying, I want a diet coke...I have sworn off of those for now... but if I am heading home anyway, then go ahead and get me a diet coke."

Nurse: "You are not dying." (you just look like you are)

"Oh, well, I guess get me a Sprite."

She leaves, and I begin to feel that "I think I am going to faint" feeling. I don't want to faint... not alone...where I could fall off the table and be on the floor with nothing on but the wafer thin paper sheet they like to call a gown...which doesn't actually cover I can't faint. I work so hard to NOT faint, that I begin sweating....sweating badly. All over.

Enter nurse...with Sprite...

She turns to look at me and says...."Is there someone in the waiting room we can get for you?"

Ok...I AM dying....and my last drink is going to be Sprite????

"So, I AM dying?"

"HAHAHAHAHA, no sweetie, you aren't dying...."

"Then no, please don't bring him back will have to tend to him if you do and go get him a coke...and it would take all the attention off of me..." (I did not really say that...but if you know Mark and the story of when Will was born then you should be laughing pretty hard right now)!

I sweat more, the nurse leaves, returns with the doctor who I think has great bedside manners because she is holding my hand and talking calmly to actuality, I am pretty sure was taking my pulse, not holding my hand. They take my blood pressure...won't tell me what it me get dressed (that is always fun as a grown woman) and send me to the waiting room to wait 10 minutes and get my bp checked again. I get to the waiting room and it looks like people are waving at me...I can't be vision is blurry and I am stumbling to find Mark.

I sit down and ask him if people are really waving or am I seeing things...he says people are waving and by the way, he just saw my friend Kristi in here, isn't that great? Yeah, babe...super. Dying here...can't you tell?

Go back for bp is UP from when I first entered the doctor's office what feels like 17 hours earlier, but they tell me...go home. So I do. I cried a lot that was a rough day. But my friend Kristi made up for it when she sent me a text asking me if she had seen Mark at the OB/GYN that day! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

As a piece of advice that not one of you asked for...I say do the surgical tubal...yeah, you might have a scar, but you are BOUND to get a whole lot more sympathy out of it than if you just have the essure "procedure"!!!!! (I know I said I would take pictures of this go 'round...but really, did you read the above...enough said).

Onto Thursday...we went to Pump It Up to jump and play Air Hockey because a) it was 197 degrees outside and b) we had to save some energy for the semi-final game that night. A good time was had by all...

Will wanted to play but Caroline said the game was louding her ears... but she wouldn't share her hitter thing! So Will basically played solo. Good news...he won! :)

The funniest thing to me was that they had these mats you were supposed to go down on when you went down the slide...Will had it together and could come down on the mat when he wanted to...Caroline...not so much...

<------- The mat you are supposed to take up there with you.

------->The mat coming down without Caroline (she is still at the top of the slide).

They both had a blast and only left because I was hungry...and driving...and they had no choice!

Friday we spent the day packing and cleaning to get ready to come to the beach....which is where we are now! And we are having a blast....I will post all about that later...after I have had some sleep!

Hope you had a fantastic week...


This post kept messing up where I put words and I quit trying to fix it...sorry!

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