Wednesday, June 17, 2009

(Wish it was) Wordless Wednesday

It was WICKED hot today (Tuesday)...hotter than it has been in weeks...let me check the high temps for today... apparently they don't show you today's high temperature until tomorrow. My car temperature said 97 degrees at one time...and at another time it was screaming "TAKE ME HOME AND PUT ME IN THE SHADE!"

We had a busy, busy noted in yesterday's entry. I wrote that earlier in the day...before the dentist appointment and before the baseball game (and before VBS...which we actually skipped).

The dentist was uneventful for me...they would not let me go with Caroline to get her teeth cleaned. So, who knows? It could have been very eventful, I was not there. I was reading trashy magazines in the lobby while Will played his PSP probably too loudly for the comfort of others waiting also. I did not hear any screaming or crashing coming from behind the pressed wood door they took her through, so I assume all went well. She did not let "Ms. Dede" paint the flouride on her teeth, but if that is her only crime today (which it is not), then she has had a good day!

We came home, changed Will into his uniform, fixed the 10th snack of the day, and left for the game (temp. = 94 degrees on car read-y thing). I get there and it is SOOOO hot that I try to convince Caroline to stay in the car with the air conditioning pumping hard...but she spots a pile of bright red/orange infield dirt/clay and she is her dress...and tennis shoes.

I had to be dugout mom because the coach's wife is working incredibly hard in Vegas. My shirt was soaked with sweat before the first pitch was ever thrown. I had sweat dripping in places I did not know sweat could drip. The kids begged to not finish the game...they were miserable. Well, not all of them...Caroline was in that dirt pile...digging to her heart's content.

We lost. I made the executive decision to not attend VBS because I looked like I had gone swimming in my clothes and for once during this baseball season, Caroline had infinitely more infield dirt on her than all of Will's teammates combined. The bottoms of her socks were orange when we got home...the socks that had been INSIDE her shoes!

Here are some cute pictures of the game...see how hot that sky looks?

And for those of you wondering where Caroline's dad was while she was turning orange, he was the umpire...for some reason, he is ALWAYS the umpire. He has good form cleaning off homeplate, doesn't he? He must have forgotten his uniform...

I know you are disappointed that there are no pictures of Caroline as a pumpkin/carrot/sweet hands were too sweaty to hold the camera at that point and I was a little miffed that she was orange. I looked like I gave birth to an Oompa-Loompa.

As a blessing, Will cried all the way home because "I would not take him to learn about Jesus." Yeah, I am THAT mom today. The one with the melted brain.


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