Monday, July 27, 2009

Blog Hop Favorite Picture(s) of Kids

This is a fun way to see lots of great blogs and I am sure some pretty cute pictures. Jump on board and remember to follow the rules found here...this is a lot of fun when everyone does this!

I will start with my favorites of Will...he is almost seven now and I am sure I could find one or ten from right now that I love...but these are two of my all-time all-timers!

Will was about 18 months here, helping his dad wash the car. He was so easy going...never even tried to take off that hat! He did not do a whole lot of washing of the car...more playing in the soap bucket and washing the driveway...but it would begin a tradition of following his daddy outside to help him with whatever he is working on.
This is Will's first time at the batting cages at the beach with his cousins. He was clueless, but oh so cute in that helmet...I love that he is little and his helmet even proclaims it with "X-Small" taped across it. Still grosses me out to think of all the other people who wore that oh so cute helmet...but we have survived since then so I guess all is well for the extra small batter!
Up next is Caroline. She is almost 4 now and these are two from when she was one. Again, I have favorites from now, but these hold a special place in my heart.

This is Caroline at her first birthday party. She LOVED her cake and did not have to be shown what to do with it. She still, to this day, loves dessert the most. I love this picture with the light shining on her face that illuminates that little bitty piece of cake on her forehead.
We took a family trip to the Tennessee Aquarium and she was just so cute getting all excited while the fish swam by her. In this tank, there was a scuba diver and he kept waving at her. She climbed up on the stoop in front of the tank and put her hand out on the glass as if to say, "Come take me in with you." He swam over to her and put his hand on the other side of the tank like he was giving her five. I, of course, missed that shot...but this one I love for the roly poly arms she is freely and confidently showing off!
Can't wait to see everyone else's pictures!

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Sunday, July 26, 2009


I haven't ever written a post like this. I hope that all you readers (all 3 of you--you know who you are) are not disappointed because this is not light and airy.

I was sitting in church today and our pastor was discussing the fact that when Jesus gives a command, when He nudges us to say or do something, we are to immediately do/say what He has asked of us. I had always heard, "Delayed obedience is disobedience." So I feel I must admit to you, I have been disobedient this summer. On my way to the beach, I felt like God had laid something on my heart and yet I did not write it down, I did not do anything with it...I guess, in essence, I ignored it. Nice confession, huh? How many people say publicly that they ignored the God of the Universe when He told them to do something? How many people are that foolish? Well, let me help you's one for you!

Our God is a big God and He can see all things. He can see things before they happen, He knows what we need before we even need it, He provides through ways that can only be credited to Him. He is big. He is powerful. He is loving. He is mysterious to me sometimes. I feel like I need to give you some background (that seems to be my new "use it on every blog" phrase)...

God brought us to our town 12 years ago. He brought us to our church through my job with the school system. My job with the school system introduced me to a very funny girl who was debating sticking around and waiting on a boyfriend who did not seem interested in marriage. She ended up married to that boy...and moved off to seminary. At seminary, she and her husband met up with a guy from Maine, became fast friends with him and watched as he fell for and fell in love with a Christian singer. They got married and began a ministry together. Funny girl and her husband moved back here, and their friends followed...moving here for a time. While she had been gone, through church, I became friends with funny girl's best friend. I never knew the connection of all of this until one day in May of 2008.

I was at school and not really sure how or where I heard the news. Christian singer, Nicol Sponberg, who formerly sang with the group Selah and who had just done a benefit concert here in town for someone sick, I think, had gone up to check on her 10 week old infant son Luke after putting him down for the night, and he was not breathing. He had died. My heart tugged in my chest...and I remember thinking how sad that was. I also remember distancing myself from the news in a weird way. I did not know Nicol, though I loved her voice in Selah and had all the Selah CDs. I had never met her. I did not even realize she lived here. I was sad for her, but I did not want to hear about it or talk about it with anyone who was discussing it.

When I sat down to process this weird reaction, I realized I was distancing myself because I had seen this happen other people, not to me...but to people I love and it hurt, badly. My oldest sister, in 1996, lost her first son to a heart defect. He died 15 days after he was born.

I had never seen a casket so small.

I had never seen a baby in a casket.

I had never watched my sister cry like that, heartbroken and devastated.

I had never felt so hopeless and sad in my life. I had a hard time with that and it took me a number of years to work through my anger and my grief...and I was just the aunt.

Then, I move here and I make a friend who found out at 36 weeks pregnant that her son had an inoperable brain tumor and would not live out of the womb. She had to bury her precious son.

Another tiny casket.

Fast forward a few years and I get a frantic call that an ambulance is at the house of another friend...a friend who had an 8 day old infant...a friend I had JUST taken dinner to the night before...the infant wasn't breathing...2 days in a hospital and there was nothing left to do for him.

Again. Such a tiny casket.

Jump ahead a few more years and to another friend.

And another tiny casket.

I was feeling like a professional mourner who only knew how to attend funerals with too small coffins. Was I going to be next? Would I too know the grief of a mother who has to bury her child? I could not bear the thought, still can't. But I knew how God had worked in each person's life mentioned above. I had witnessed the pain and grief and I had seen the slow but steady healing that He had brought into their lives. Each person at a different phase in the grief process; each one with a different story to tell; each one with a view of God that is not attainable without going through that fire and coming out on the other side wrapped tightly in His arms.

I was drawn to Greg and Nicol's story, but not as a curious onlooker; unexplainably, I was just drawn to it. I prayed for them fervently. Then a friend (the best friend of funny girl) mentioned her she had been over to the house where Greg and Nicol were staying now...had seen the grief...had known them before all of this. My friend was sad, and needed someone to talk to who was not personally involved. I offered up my shoulder and told her if they needed anything while they were ministering to the family, to just call.

How many times have we offered that up?

"Call me if you need me."

"Let me know if you need anything."

"I'll be happy to help, just ask."

Well, I got a phone call a few days later. It was after 8pm. Could I help get a dinner together for the next night for the Sponbergs?

Sure, I respond. How many people do we need to plan for?

Somewhere around 40...maybe more.

Huh...40? Really? Sure, whatever you need. I am happy to help. (hang up phone and let panic ensue)!

See this was the time when Mark was renovating my kitchen. He had started in the middle of April. Said it would be done by May 1st...this was the end of May...I had no floor, no sink, no microwave...most oven or stove.

And I had just agreed to get a meal together for 40 people. And it was after 8...and everyone worked...I couldn't ask someone else to do the main dish at this late hour. What was I going to do? I even said to God, very loudly in my head, "WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I GOING TO DO? I HAVE NO OVEN OR STOVE. I HAVE NOTHING TO WORK WITH LORD...NOTHING TO OFFER UP AS A WAY TO HELP THIS FAMILY. I HAVE NOTHING!!!!"

And do you know what He said? "I know, Paige. You have Me, though. And I have it all taken care of."

Only I did not hear Him. Because after shouting all that in my head, I began actually saying it out loud. Mark and our friend helping Mark with the kitchen looked up at me and listened kindly. I turned around and looked at them and asked, "What in the world am I going to do?" But instead of waiting for an answer from them, I turned and walked down the hall and began calling others to help make the side dishes. All the while I was panicking on the inside...desperately trying to see how I was going to figure this out.

When I returned to the kitchen, I was greeted with an answer to my prayer. An answer I had not expected in a million years.

See the man helping Mark was a friend of ours. A friend who does not have a personal relationship with Jesus. A friend who is just that...a friend. A guy willing to help out because he wants to...not because he feels like he has to...good people.

He looks at me and says, "Go get X amount of meat and this, this and this as ingredients for the sauce and bring it to me. I will make up the marinade and put it on the Big Green Egg . I will come home at lunch and take it off the egg and it will be ready for you when you come home from work tomorrow." I stood there dumbfounded.

You see, a kitchen renovation I did not want, brought a friend into our lives who did not know Christ, as an answer to a prayer request I did not know I would have, for a family in desperate despair over the death of their son.

God is Big. Bigger than I could have ever imagined. And all we have to bring to Him is... nothing.
He has all we will ever need. He IS all we will ever need. He sees what we will need and He prepares us for that moment or those moments. Whatever He takes you through is not by is not random or crazy or is perfectly planned out to provide us with the necessary tools to do whatever He calls us to do next.

Watch out for those never know what prayer request they may answer next.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Should I Worry About Any of This? I went to the beach this summer like I always do. A little shorter than normal (which I will not recommend for myself to repeat next summer), but I was gone about 3 weeks to the beach. While I was gone, my husband decided to redo the tile in our bathroom (our bathroom is the size of large postage stamp, so I assumed that a little over 3 weeks would be long enough for him to retile).

A brief history:
Last year, when I went to visit my parents during Spring Break, Mark decided to redo the kitchen--without telling me. He promised it would be done by the first of May. It was finished somewhere around the middle of June. And it was beautiful! It stressed me somewhat but it turned out great! This year, he asked ahead of time if it was ok if he retiled the bathroom...I said, sure!
So the fact that he did not answer the phone when I called on Sunday as we traveled back home did not cause me any concern....til he finally did answer, asked me where I was, and said, "Oh, I have JUST enough time to get this all straightened up!" What? You aren't finished yet? I guess a little over 3 weeks was NOT enough time to finish our postage stamp..errr..bathroom! :)

But he did finish...with the tiling, painting and installation of a new toilet. And it looks great as well!

New paint color(it used to be yellow)....

....the new tile.....

...just another look at the paint color...

...we are just missing one thing....can you tell what it is? bathroom mirror...oh, don't you crazy readers be fooled by that little medicine cabinet mirror. It is not big enough to fit all my hair in and it was installed at a height acceptable only for Kareem Abdul Jabar! I can only see half of myself in that mirror and only when I kneel on the counter. So...I asked about a replacement mirror (that hole there was not the size of our last mirror...that was there from the previous owner...the one who hung the ugly flowery wallpaper behind the layers of paint we have put on that wall). Mark said he would get one....but I have been home 4 days and no mirror.

Yesterday, I went out to put the chicken on the grill and realized that our current grill had a hole in the bottom of it (not QUITE the size of the hole in the bathroom wall, but close) and it clearly could not be used (we are a charcoal grillin' they heat is intense in that metal box and we use it like crazy...which is the only thing I can come up with as to why an object MADE for intense heat would somehow have a hole in it). I changed plans for dinner last night. Then, I called Mark to see if he could swing by Home Depot and pick us up a new one as I had marinated steak for tonight and it would need to be cooked and we couldn't cook on the one hole-y grill we had. He said yes. Only then he got called out and did not get home until after 8pm and by then had forgotten the grill request.

So I decided I would go out today and buy a 1)mirror for the bathroom 2)a grill. Right before I was going to get the kids dressed, my phone rings and Mark asks if we want to meet him for lunch. Uhmmm....ok. So not in the plans, but what the heck? We eat lunch with Mark at our favorite place and then head off to Home Depot.

They had no silver-edged/framed mirrors and apparently my children had forgotten how to act in public. They were running like crazed lunatics all around the buggy much like two squirrels chasing each other around the trunk of a tree. I could not gain control without brute force so I took a quick look in the grill section, saw only gas grills, and high-tailed it out of there as fast as possible.

I called Mark within 15 seconds of being in the car and told him I was taken our devilish offspring home and into hiding and he would need to pick up a grill and a mirror from Lowes on his way home. He said ok and we hung up. I screeched my tires into the driveway, told my kids to quickly get inside, closed and locked the doors and prayed no one recognized me while I was in public with my offspring.

I waited til 5:30pm for my grill and mirror....then I fixed the kids leftovers and assumed I again would not have a grill. My phone rings...Mark says he is on his way to get a grill...ok, I take it back. Approximately 30 minutes later, Mark was home. 30 minutes = not enough time to go to Lowes, buy a mirror and grill and return home. I hear some dragging outside and lots of noise and then Mark comes in and announces we will use a grill tonight we have had under our deck.

I'm sorry, what? When did we buy a grill and store it under our deck? Mark looks at me and smiles and says, "We didn't buy was just under our deck." I go look out the window at has that soft green color so familiar with the...uhmmm....70s. The grill sort of matches the colors in the ugly flowery suddenly starts to click...that grill was never in our family (I was hoping it had perhaps been Mark's grandmother's such luck)...IT HAD BELONGED TO THE PREVIOUS OWNERS! OH. MY. WORD.

I totally took a're welcome.

I guess if you look on the bright side....if it really was made in the 70s, it will last forever.

Cuz, ya know, they don't make things now like they used to....


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blog Hop Favorite Recipe

This recipe is near and dear to my heart. It is not anything fancy and a lot of you might already do this...but this was a standard in my grandma's kitchen WHENEVER we came to visit. It was my favorite and my grandma was the best at fixing it. I watched, learned and now when my family gets together, it is my responsibility to fix it. I am honored to be able to do this...although I do not think I can cook it as well as grandma. Plus there is that whole issue of one of my sisters who does not eat dairy or she is out on this one...and the kids don't think it looks like it is supposed to (because it doesn't look like Kraft)...but there is never any left over when the vultures stop devouring!

Homemade Mac and Cheese
1 box Elbow noodles
4 cups grated cheddar cheese
8 eggs
3 cups milk1 stick of butter
1/4 cup of sour cream
Salt and Pepper to taste

*Cook noodles according to box; drain and place in 9 X 13 pan.
*Cut butter into thin squares and "punch" under the noodles (that is how my grandmother's recipe was passed down). Mix until butter is all melted.
*"Punch" cheese under noodles saving some to put on top.
*Beat eggs and milk together, add sour cream to egg and milk mixture, add salt and pepper and pour mixture over noodles.
*Make sure the liquid covers the noodles.
*Sprinkle remaining cheese over the top of casserole.
*Bake at 350 degrees for one hour.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

(Blue) Devil with the (Carolina) Blue Dress On

Ok--so that title has to be the most confusing one EVER used...and to explain it in a way that is going to make you laugh, may take me all night. And it is late tonight...and I drove 7 hours home today after being gone for 22 days...but one of my sisters is pressuring me to put this out there, so I am pressing on for her...even when all I want to do is unfold into my bed! :)

Little background...

We are a basketball family. I have 2 sisters and one brother. The oldest of those sisters (Leigh Ann)went to Duke and my middle sister and I went to North Carolina. My brother, graduated from South Carolina...that does not really fit into this story...I just did not want to leave him out. :) We are a divided family during basketball season. Leslie is big enough to cheer for Duke when they play someone outside of the ACC, but I have not yet reached that level of stupidity maturity.

My middle sister Leslie is married to a great guy. He loves the game of basketball and loves helping young people. He has taken those two passions and combined them into a basketball camp that Leslie has run?, I have run? he has had for the past 12 years in Chapel Hill, NC. It is a Christian basketball camp for boys ages 10-17. The goal is to teach them about basketball/improve their skills in basketball and create in them a love and passion for living a Godly life.

This year's theme was improving your core. You can't move on a daily basis without using your core muscles and you can't grow and develop in your walk with God without focusing on the core principals of Christianity. They learn verses from the Bible that coordinate with the theme...verses that represent Character, Integrity, Stewardship, Honesty, Courage (I work this camp every year and did this fact it just ended...and I am not sure I remembered the "core words" sad is that)! Anyway, they have opportunities to win candy if they can memorize and repeat the verses each day and then if called on during one of the huddle times to recite a verse, you win a signed basketball from a great selection of teams/coaches/players. The boys also play a ton of games working their way to the championship game. It is very tiring but lots of fun for the campers and this year my two oldest nephews had the privilige of attending camp.

Their mom went to Dook Duke. Can't you tell?

(and yes, those were the BEST pictures I could find of my Duke-loving nephews!)
Back to their mom (who corrupted them to begin with)....

She came to camp and helped Leslie out by getting our yummy dinners ready each day. We would have starved, or spent a lot of money on take-out, if Leigh Ann had not been there. We let her out of the big house for a few hours a day and she chose to come and watch her sons play basketball at the above mentioned camp. During one of the down times (and obviously NOT after a lesson on character or integrity) Leigh Ann looked over at my brother-in-law and makes a bet with him.

Now, let me stop here and say that I do not condone betting. I did not encourage this behavior nor did I aid either side in deciding on the appropriate "payment" if they won the bet. I would never get caught up in the moment of something so inappropriate at a boys' Christian basketball camp...

The bet was over the number of shoes he had versus my sister Leslie. Leigh Ann was working on OLD knowledge...old knowledge of my BIL("brother-in-law"--you are welcome Leslie) having enough shoes to wrap around their huge walk-in closet at least twice. Leigh Ann spouted out without thinking(...hmmm...could it be related to her education?) that she was sure that our BIL had more shoes than Leslie. They made an important stipulation to the bet...the shoes counted would only be the ones IN THE CLOSET (this is not important, really, but funny later on).

If Leslie had less than BIL, BIL had to wear a Duke hat to his camp the next day and wear it as he called all the kids together (being a former player at Carolina...that could have cost him his life....see what betting can do to you?) and if Leslie had more shoes than BIL, Leigh Ann would have to dress herself and her kids in North Carolina gear, get her picture taken at center court at the Dean Dome and use it as her Christmas card picture wear BIL's practice jersey, get her picture taken at center court and be placed on my blog.

I must interject again...that is really no punishment for Leigh Ann...not like it could have been for BIL...I mean, I only have 3 readers on this blog! whooooo...that is gonna hurt her...she should have had to follow through with the Christmas card one SHE SHOOK ON!!! I might have to make a link on my facebook so she can get more exposure.

We got home and BIL and Leigh Ann head off to the closet together (that was weird to write). They count BIL's shoes...22. 22? Seriously? Being a shoe lover, I am secretly SO disappointed in him...only 22 shoes. I thought it would be close...perhaps Leigh Ann has a chance...but then we started counting...Leslie had shoes hidden behind other with heels on them that I know good and well she does not wear...they would not match her t-shirts and athletic that have been around for longer than they should have been...we counted 32.

No way would I have thought she had 10 more pair than him. NO.WAY. Leigh Ann waived the white flag and BIL danced around as the winner. We gave our kids showers and were putting pajamas on them in the shoe closet when Leigh Ann spotted more shoes of Leslie's under her jeans hanging in her closet. We pushed the number to 40. I started looking around the house and came up with about 10 more pair of her shoes...and that does not even include the shoes she got from that presale-sale.

Leslie has 52 pairs of shoes? And yet she runs around in tennis shoes or flip flops about 360 days a year. Too bad Leslie has Cinderella feet and I have wicked stepsister-sized feet...or she would have been down some shoes when I left. 52, Leslie?

Anyway...the next day, Leigh Ann had to pay for her sins own up to the price of the debt and so here it is...The Blue Devil Sister has finally come over from the dark side...she has mended her devilish ways and she is beginning to see the light blue light at the end of the tunnel.

So, there you have it...The Devil with the Blue Dress On!

Not My Children Monday

In place of your regularly scheduled program:

we will be having:Jump on over to MckMama's website to see what other people's kids have not been caught doing.

My six year old son was not caught in the front yard of my parents' house with his pants down around his ankles "watering the grass". My child would never do that, but if he did, he would know that he did not have to pull his pants ALL the way down to help "water" the foliage.

My three year old daughter did not tell a lady in the restroom at Wendy's, Sunday, on our long car trip home that the lady made the bathroom stink cuz it didn't stink when we went in. She would never be rude and would never speak of nasty bodily functions that smell bad.

My daughter did not ask me today if she could go back to being a baby so she didn't have to clean up her toys, take her plate to the sink or poop in the potty!? She did not say she was done with being a big girl. She would never want to revert back to infancy...she loves her life now of responsibility, huge sunglasses and being totally house-broken.

We left Sunday to come home after being gone for 22 days to the beach and a family-run basketball camp where we spent a lot of time with family. My son did not tell me that he told his cousins that he knew they would miss him, but they needed to be strong without him...??? He would NEVER be that conceited as to think everyone would shrivel up and die if they were not around him.

My daughter did not decide to run off and pout on the golf course one night at my parents. We had not illegally snuck out onto the golf course to begin with and then did not have to chase her down and haul her off the course crying.

My child did not come downstairs Saturday night at 9pm at my sister's house and tell me he had not eaten dinner yet. He would never have gone from lunch til 9pm without food because he eats constantly. His mom would never allow for something like that to happen either. She is much more conscientious about her children's feeding times than that.

My 6 year old child did not attend a basketball camp for ages 10-17 this week run by my sister and brother-in-law at UNC. He was not put on a team while he was there and he did not step up and volunteer to represent his team during the dunk competition when no one else on his team wanted to. He was not the shortest one in the competition by about 3 feet. He did not come in 3rd and earn himself a signed basketball by Danny Green (his favorite player last year). I do not think his 3rd place finish was "rigged"! :)

What have your kids not been doing lately?


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blog Hop--Three Things You Don't Know About Me

This is a fun Blog Hop entitled Three Things You Don't About Me sponsored by McLinky. Join in the fun if you want! Make sure you get the link so we are all linked up and can hop around to our heart's content!

Ok--Here are mine...

1. I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah...though I only lived there for about 6 weeks. My dad was in the military and was in school at the was over and the Army was calling!

(this is a tiny picture of Salt Lake City...not sure why it is so small...sorry about that)!

2. I have the BEST circle of girlfriends that a girl could ask for! (that is me..3rd from left). I have never lived anywhere as long as I have lived where I do now...being an army brat meant I moved constantly...12 years I have lived where I do now...and would NEVER have survived it without these girls!

3. I teach school (so maybe this isn't a "Didn't know" fact)...but did you know that I will do almost ANYTHING to help bring in donations so my class can have extra technology in our room!? This was a mohawk (really a faux-hawk) to inspire my kids to bring in the donations for PTO! It worked...our room won the donation drive for our grade level. You just never know when making a fool of yourself will pay off (literally)!
Happy Hopping!

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Me, Monday

We did NOT sneak onto the golf course behind mom and dad's house and play three holes of golf that lasted FOREVER! We would NEVER do that...sneaking onto a golf course we were not supposed to be on...nope not us!

I did not spend another week on the beach with my family--soaking up the rays and having a blast with everyone...even seeing my husband after a long two weeks.

I did NOT almost have a breakdown when my almost four year old just simply refused to poop in the potty after taking away all her other options. I did NOT cry and plead with God for any kind of help...she did NOT actually do it either! She would never do that...according to her she was NEVER going to be a big girl...nope not her! :) We did NOT take her to Brusters for a party either. We would never celebrate something like that!

Happy Not-Me-ing!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Every Party Has a Pooper


I thought we would never reach the point where I could say that the above child pooped on the potty...that might be too much info for you and if so...sorry! But we have begged, pleaded, bribed, threatened, cried, ignored and yelled to try and get this to happen. I am proud to say that Saturday, July 11, did!

She wanted a party...only it was 8pm and so we convinced her that a trip to Brusters for a Poopin' Party was just what she always wanted! So off we went....even convincing Grandma and Grandpa to join us...even though it was their bedtime! :) A great time was had by all...I think!

Praise the Lord...for it truly was a miracle!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tiny...but not for long

The tiny handprint that usually leaves dirt and grime everywhere...but this one left a small shadow of love and happiness from a very excited granddaughter to her loving (but late to the beach that day) Grandpa!

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Monday, July 6, 2009

They Never Saw Us Coming

We had a yummy dinner tonight at the beach of Low Country Boil, thanks to my wonderful sister Leigh Ann's exceptional cooking in a leaking pot while accomodating many different people's likes and dislikes. Me? I liked all the stuff in that big ole' leaky pot...the corn on the cob, the shrimp, the potatoes, the shrimp, the sausage, the get the point! After dinner, of course, we all start thinking about desserts.
Down here at Pawleys we have an amazing bakery...the Kudzu Bakery. They have "mouth watering, ruin your diet forever, nothing could be finer than this" cinnamon rolls that I must have everytime I am here. I don't care to know the fat content or the calories ingested...I just want to know they have one I can get at 9am when they open while they are still warm!!!! Now, cinnamon rolls aren't it for the ole' Kudzu...they make cheese danishes, apple turnovers, cookies and pies...oh the pies. Our family's favorites are coconut pie, apple pie, and blueberry pie (the keylime is pretty jam-up too, if I do say so myself). So after dinner, we began to think about dessert (because, well, that is just how my family does it...we finish one meal/snack and immediately begin to plan/prepare for the next one). We quickly realized we did not have enough for the 8 adults and 10 kids hanging out in the kitchen wondering what the next course would be. So Leigh Ann, the chef for the night, suggested a road trip!
We 18- stuffed from a wonderful dinner- people crammed ourselves into 3 cars and headed down the road. It was too late for the bakery...they were we made a quick left at the light and headed on up Highway 17! Look out Brusters...we are about to invade...and invade we did. I think cars drove by and passed up ice cream treats tonight because they saw this army of people hovering around the small window, waiting to be passed the final course of an already awesome meal! I know the people brave enough to stop were bewildered that we were one family...all together...ordering/eating/spilling ice cream (and I think some were thankful they were just innocent bystanders and not actual family members!:) )
So here are the pictures of our takeover...they never even saw us coming!
"Dad, hey dad!? Is that you? I can't see around all the curly hair...I think we got 'em if we move now...they haven't spotted us yet."
I missed the takeover! (Actually, I caught it on Leigh Ann's camera--which just so happens to be in HER possession---so no pictures of the actual takeover...just the aftermath. Hold on to your hat cuz this ain't pretty!)
We ate, while being cheesy, things called Dinosaur Sundaes and Dirt Sundaes (complete with a worm), vanilla with sprinkles, strawberry shortcakes, chocolate cake batter (, peanut butter with butterfinger, chocolate with sprinkles and much, much more!We showed off how worms don't scare us...we see worms as food, not friends, and we gobble them as quickly as possible.
Sometimes, we take one for the team and chow down on ours and someone else's who was too whimpy full to finish theirs. We NEVER let it go to waste...We get every drop out of every cup...We eat the ENTIRE cone, no matter how small we may look...
and we do it all with a (half) smile and much brain freeze.
This lucky man, got to pay for it all...Thanks was the greatest ice cream moment of my life (that I can remember)!

Anyone up for seconds?

Not Me, Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did NOT take 234 pictures in a week's time at the beach with all of my siblings and their kids. I did NOT snap away at the silliest things and I did NOT download them each night much to the teasing and torment of others in the house!

I most certainly did NOT laugh (at times uncontrollably) at my sister-in-law, Sarah, while she did a Firm video with me. She is MUCH younger than me (as is my brother...did NOT want you to think he robbed the cradle or anything) and I assumed that meant hipper and more coordinated! It most certainly did NOT! LOL

I did NOT let my son go jet skiing today with his cousins and aunt, uncles and grandpa. He did NOT come home telling me he was so not scared (when the stories from everyone contradicted him). He did NOT tell my 5 and a half year old nephew Trey who said he was scared on the jet ski sometimes, that once he was 6 and a half, he would be fine! :)

I did NOT drop my camera in the ocean Saturday and have to fight back tears as I wondered how many funny moments I would miss on film (there have been a lot of them)!

I did NOT ask my darling 3 year old child if she was in trouble only to hear her reply, "Trouble? I'm not in trouble...I'm just hanging out mom!"

I did NOT take cute pictures of my kids and their cousins on the 4th of July.

I did NOT attempt to take a picture of my daughter in the 4th of July tiara we gave my mom and she did NOT put it on backwards.

She did NOT do this, when I told her to turn IT around on her head so we could see the red, white and blue!Happy Not Me-ing everyone! This really is good, CHEAP, therapy!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Last Post with Pictures...for now

Ok, so we have been here a week and we have stayed so busy...

Let's see if I can get this all in one blog...

We have gone to the beach...then gone to the pool...then the beach...then the pool...then the beach....then the pool...oh-you get my drift!

We do have some traditions around here while the whole gang is here (minus my significant other...sure wish he was here as he is the ONLY one missing!). We get up semi-early and walk five miles to The Pig (the Piggly Wiggly grocery store). We don't rush around (unless it is Sunday and we are all trying to get to church)... we go to the batting cages/movies/arcade/putt-putt course...and we log some serious hours on the beach and at the pool! It is fun family time no matter what our days hold.

This week has held more of the same of the above mentioned stuff...with camera shopping thrown into the mix. I have wanted a new camera...more megapixels...better zoom. I am not a professional photographer but I do LOVE to take pictures (as evidenced by my 234 photos taken just this week!). I went looking for my camera...just knew the store I had seen it in just 2 weeks ago would have it...and they did not! So frustrating. But old, low megapixel camera would have to keep trudging on...

And it did...til today. The boys were playing a very exciting game of beach football and I was totally enthralled with much so that I did not see Mike coming at me...or even think that what happened next might actually happen. I dropped my camera in the ocean...IN the ocean. Oh my! My heart many memories I won't be able to many smiles, frowns, tears, belly laughs, silly moments are going to pass me by with no chance of catching it and saving it for forever (or until my computer crashes)! I am so sad. So, it is with much sadness that I give you the last pictures taken with my no-good, though trusty, low megapixel camera!

(I am letting it air out tonight in hopes that maybe, JUST maybe, it will work again)! And really, I do have some pics I have not shown there may be more posts with pics soon...just not with fresh pictures...they will be old...and stale... :)