Monday, July 27, 2009

Blog Hop Favorite Picture(s) of Kids

This is a fun way to see lots of great blogs and I am sure some pretty cute pictures. Jump on board and remember to follow the rules found here...this is a lot of fun when everyone does this!

I will start with my favorites of Will...he is almost seven now and I am sure I could find one or ten from right now that I love...but these are two of my all-time all-timers!

Will was about 18 months here, helping his dad wash the car. He was so easy going...never even tried to take off that hat! He did not do a whole lot of washing of the car...more playing in the soap bucket and washing the driveway...but it would begin a tradition of following his daddy outside to help him with whatever he is working on.
This is Will's first time at the batting cages at the beach with his cousins. He was clueless, but oh so cute in that helmet...I love that he is little and his helmet even proclaims it with "X-Small" taped across it. Still grosses me out to think of all the other people who wore that oh so cute helmet...but we have survived since then so I guess all is well for the extra small batter!
Up next is Caroline. She is almost 4 now and these are two from when she was one. Again, I have favorites from now, but these hold a special place in my heart.

This is Caroline at her first birthday party. She LOVED her cake and did not have to be shown what to do with it. She still, to this day, loves dessert the most. I love this picture with the light shining on her face that illuminates that little bitty piece of cake on her forehead.
We took a family trip to the Tennessee Aquarium and she was just so cute getting all excited while the fish swam by her. In this tank, there was a scuba diver and he kept waving at her. She climbed up on the stoop in front of the tank and put her hand out on the glass as if to say, "Come take me in with you." He swam over to her and put his hand on the other side of the tank like he was giving her five. I, of course, missed that shot...but this one I love for the roly poly arms she is freely and confidently showing off!
Can't wait to see everyone else's pictures!

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  1. I love the cake one. We just had our grand daughter's birthday party and have pictures exactly like it.

  2. Such cute kiddo's! Love the Cake one too! God Bless!

  3. I love the one of him standing at the aquarium looking in...too cute!

  4. Thanks for introducing me to your blog ... I love finding fellow Southerners :) Cute pics! I'm sure I'll be visitin' again soon!

  5. Very cute photos. Your kids are adorable! Just stopping by via the blog hop! Happy hopping! Blessings, Angie :)

  6. Enjoying the blog hop. I love looking at pictures.
    Yours are great.
    Have a Happy Day!

  7. I just LOVE the pictures. Adorable.
    Thanks for the sweet comment.

  8. cute pictures!! gotta LOVE chubby baby arms! :)