Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blog Hop--Three Things You Don't Know About Me

This is a fun Blog Hop entitled Three Things You Don't About Me sponsored by McLinky. Join in the fun if you want! Make sure you get the link so we are all linked up and can hop around to our heart's content!

Ok--Here are mine...

1. I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah...though I only lived there for about 6 weeks. My dad was in the military and was in school at the time...school was over and the Army was calling!

(this is a tiny picture of Salt Lake City...not sure why it is so small...sorry about that)!

2. I have the BEST circle of girlfriends that a girl could ask for! (that is me..3rd from left). I have never lived anywhere as long as I have lived where I do now...being an army brat meant I moved constantly...12 years I have lived where I do now...and would NEVER have survived it without these girls!

3. I teach school (so maybe this isn't a "Didn't know" fact)...but did you know that I will do almost ANYTHING to help bring in donations so my class can have extra technology in our room!? This time...it was a mohawk (really a faux-hawk) to inspire my kids to bring in the donations for PTO! It worked...our room won the donation drive for our grade level. You just never know when making a fool of yourself will pay off (literally)!
Happy Hopping!

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