Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Land of the Free Because of the Brave

So, have I mentioned that I have THE most patriotic mother in the world? Well, I do...she is all about America and what it stands for...she is all about love of country...she is all about honor, truth, respect...and flags.

My brother probably summed it up perfectly last night at dinner..."Our mom could open up a flag surplus store." No truer words have probably ever been spoken. Ever.

My mom is the daughter of a World War II veteran. She married a man in the Army and spent their first 28 years of married life traveling all over the world as her soldier marched from job to job. She kissed him good-bye as he left to fight in several wars--never knowing if it would be the last time she saw him. She was a rock while he was gone. As a child and as a teenager, when my dad was deployed, you would never know she ever worried. I never saw her cry about his absence...except for when he returned! But those were happy tears. She kept our family together; she carried on in his absence; she stood strong. She was a proud military wife. She tied the yellow ribbon around her tree (or trees as was the case for my mom)...she wore her flag pin faithfully...each day bringing with it a deeper sense of pride...a stronger love of country...and more flags. :)
She has so much "Americana" stuff now that we have one Christmas tree that holds ornaments collected over the years (as well our dog, Rotor's--don't ask about the name-- collar). But we also have the American Tree...the one that plays the Star Spangled Banner when you turn the red, white and blue lights on. My mom LOVES America.

And she has rightfully earned the title I have given her as the MOST Patriotic Woman on Earth. Because of her love of the USA, we kids all try to be with her on the Patriotic Woman's Big Day (July 4th...for those of you confused). And we go all out with red, white and blue.... and, of course.... flags. Our children have all learned at a very early age that the flag does not touch the ground...EVER! And our children have learned to also have that love for America. They wave a flag like a professional. They can sing all of the patriotic songs (sometimes doing a better job remembering the words than Grandpa does). I am proud of my patriotic mother...proud of who she has been in tough times in this country and proud that I can call the Most Patriotic Woman on Earth my mom.

In honor of her, we have all become rather patriotic...and here are some pictures to prove it!

Patriotic cupcakes of course that are on a patriotic tray!!

Patriotic pets!

Patriotic children...(this is Leigh Ann...who incidentally, married a military man!)

And patriotic grandchildren!

So on this Fourth of July, remember to sit back and ponder all those who made the sacrifices through the years so we could spend today...on the beach...or a boat...or at cookout...or at the pool...and watch fireworks in honor of our independence. Independence that did not come freely for millions who have died through the years so"we can sleep in peace at night when we lay down our heads" (thank you Toby Keith in "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue").
May God truly bless America!
Happy Fourth Y'all!

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