Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Me, Monday

We did NOT sneak onto the golf course behind mom and dad's house and play three holes of golf that lasted FOREVER! We would NEVER do that...sneaking onto a golf course we were not supposed to be on...nope not us!

I did not spend another week on the beach with my family--soaking up the rays and having a blast with everyone...even seeing my husband after a long two weeks.

I did NOT almost have a breakdown when my almost four year old just simply refused to poop in the potty after taking away all her other options. I did NOT cry and plead with God for any kind of help...she did NOT actually do it either! She would never do that...according to her she was NEVER going to be a big girl...nope not her! :) We did NOT take her to Brusters for a party either. We would never celebrate something like that!

Happy Not-Me-ing!


  1. Great list of things you didn't do, hehe!!

    Happy Monday!

  2. Hopping over from MckMama's NMM post. It's my first visit to your blog. You have a beautiful family! Congrats on the potty accomplishment!

    ~ Jennifer