Monday, July 20, 2009

Not My Children Monday

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we will be having:Jump on over to MckMama's website to see what other people's kids have not been caught doing.

My six year old son was not caught in the front yard of my parents' house with his pants down around his ankles "watering the grass". My child would never do that, but if he did, he would know that he did not have to pull his pants ALL the way down to help "water" the foliage.

My three year old daughter did not tell a lady in the restroom at Wendy's, Sunday, on our long car trip home that the lady made the bathroom stink cuz it didn't stink when we went in. She would never be rude and would never speak of nasty bodily functions that smell bad.

My daughter did not ask me today if she could go back to being a baby so she didn't have to clean up her toys, take her plate to the sink or poop in the potty!? She did not say she was done with being a big girl. She would never want to revert back to infancy...she loves her life now of responsibility, huge sunglasses and being totally house-broken.

We left Sunday to come home after being gone for 22 days to the beach and a family-run basketball camp where we spent a lot of time with family. My son did not tell me that he told his cousins that he knew they would miss him, but they needed to be strong without him...??? He would NEVER be that conceited as to think everyone would shrivel up and die if they were not around him.

My daughter did not decide to run off and pout on the golf course one night at my parents. We had not illegally snuck out onto the golf course to begin with and then did not have to chase her down and haul her off the course crying.

My child did not come downstairs Saturday night at 9pm at my sister's house and tell me he had not eaten dinner yet. He would never have gone from lunch til 9pm without food because he eats constantly. His mom would never allow for something like that to happen either. She is much more conscientious about her children's feeding times than that.

My 6 year old child did not attend a basketball camp for ages 10-17 this week run by my sister and brother-in-law at UNC. He was not put on a team while he was there and he did not step up and volunteer to represent his team during the dunk competition when no one else on his team wanted to. He was not the shortest one in the competition by about 3 feet. He did not come in 3rd and earn himself a signed basketball by Danny Green (his favorite player last year). I do not think his 3rd place finish was "rigged"! :)

What have your kids not been doing lately?


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  1. Tell him he needs to let girls come to camp.....Brynn went to Sam Perkins camp again this summer...