Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Should I Worry About Any of This? I went to the beach this summer like I always do. A little shorter than normal (which I will not recommend for myself to repeat next summer), but I was gone about 3 weeks to the beach. While I was gone, my husband decided to redo the tile in our bathroom (our bathroom is the size of large postage stamp, so I assumed that a little over 3 weeks would be long enough for him to retile).

A brief history:
Last year, when I went to visit my parents during Spring Break, Mark decided to redo the kitchen--without telling me. He promised it would be done by the first of May. It was finished somewhere around the middle of June. And it was beautiful! It stressed me somewhat but it turned out great! This year, he asked ahead of time if it was ok if he retiled the bathroom...I said, sure!
So the fact that he did not answer the phone when I called on Sunday as we traveled back home did not cause me any concern....til he finally did answer, asked me where I was, and said, "Oh, I have JUST enough time to get this all straightened up!" What? You aren't finished yet? I guess a little over 3 weeks was NOT enough time to finish our postage stamp..errr..bathroom! :)

But he did finish...with the tiling, painting and installation of a new toilet. And it looks great as well!

New paint color(it used to be yellow)....

....the new tile.....

...just another look at the paint color...

...we are just missing one thing....can you tell what it is? bathroom mirror...oh, don't you crazy readers be fooled by that little medicine cabinet mirror. It is not big enough to fit all my hair in and it was installed at a height acceptable only for Kareem Abdul Jabar! I can only see half of myself in that mirror and only when I kneel on the counter. So...I asked about a replacement mirror (that hole there was not the size of our last mirror...that was there from the previous owner...the one who hung the ugly flowery wallpaper behind the layers of paint we have put on that wall). Mark said he would get one....but I have been home 4 days and no mirror.

Yesterday, I went out to put the chicken on the grill and realized that our current grill had a hole in the bottom of it (not QUITE the size of the hole in the bathroom wall, but close) and it clearly could not be used (we are a charcoal grillin' they heat is intense in that metal box and we use it like crazy...which is the only thing I can come up with as to why an object MADE for intense heat would somehow have a hole in it). I changed plans for dinner last night. Then, I called Mark to see if he could swing by Home Depot and pick us up a new one as I had marinated steak for tonight and it would need to be cooked and we couldn't cook on the one hole-y grill we had. He said yes. Only then he got called out and did not get home until after 8pm and by then had forgotten the grill request.

So I decided I would go out today and buy a 1)mirror for the bathroom 2)a grill. Right before I was going to get the kids dressed, my phone rings and Mark asks if we want to meet him for lunch. Uhmmm....ok. So not in the plans, but what the heck? We eat lunch with Mark at our favorite place and then head off to Home Depot.

They had no silver-edged/framed mirrors and apparently my children had forgotten how to act in public. They were running like crazed lunatics all around the buggy much like two squirrels chasing each other around the trunk of a tree. I could not gain control without brute force so I took a quick look in the grill section, saw only gas grills, and high-tailed it out of there as fast as possible.

I called Mark within 15 seconds of being in the car and told him I was taken our devilish offspring home and into hiding and he would need to pick up a grill and a mirror from Lowes on his way home. He said ok and we hung up. I screeched my tires into the driveway, told my kids to quickly get inside, closed and locked the doors and prayed no one recognized me while I was in public with my offspring.

I waited til 5:30pm for my grill and mirror....then I fixed the kids leftovers and assumed I again would not have a grill. My phone rings...Mark says he is on his way to get a grill...ok, I take it back. Approximately 30 minutes later, Mark was home. 30 minutes = not enough time to go to Lowes, buy a mirror and grill and return home. I hear some dragging outside and lots of noise and then Mark comes in and announces we will use a grill tonight we have had under our deck.

I'm sorry, what? When did we buy a grill and store it under our deck? Mark looks at me and smiles and says, "We didn't buy was just under our deck." I go look out the window at has that soft green color so familiar with the...uhmmm....70s. The grill sort of matches the colors in the ugly flowery suddenly starts to click...that grill was never in our family (I was hoping it had perhaps been Mark's grandmother's such luck)...IT HAD BELONGED TO THE PREVIOUS OWNERS! OH. MY. WORD.

I totally took a're welcome.

I guess if you look on the bright side....if it really was made in the 70s, it will last forever.

Cuz, ya know, they don't make things now like they used to....


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