Monday, July 6, 2009

They Never Saw Us Coming

We had a yummy dinner tonight at the beach of Low Country Boil, thanks to my wonderful sister Leigh Ann's exceptional cooking in a leaking pot while accomodating many different people's likes and dislikes. Me? I liked all the stuff in that big ole' leaky pot...the corn on the cob, the shrimp, the potatoes, the shrimp, the sausage, the get the point! After dinner, of course, we all start thinking about desserts.
Down here at Pawleys we have an amazing bakery...the Kudzu Bakery. They have "mouth watering, ruin your diet forever, nothing could be finer than this" cinnamon rolls that I must have everytime I am here. I don't care to know the fat content or the calories ingested...I just want to know they have one I can get at 9am when they open while they are still warm!!!! Now, cinnamon rolls aren't it for the ole' Kudzu...they make cheese danishes, apple turnovers, cookies and pies...oh the pies. Our family's favorites are coconut pie, apple pie, and blueberry pie (the keylime is pretty jam-up too, if I do say so myself). So after dinner, we began to think about dessert (because, well, that is just how my family does it...we finish one meal/snack and immediately begin to plan/prepare for the next one). We quickly realized we did not have enough for the 8 adults and 10 kids hanging out in the kitchen wondering what the next course would be. So Leigh Ann, the chef for the night, suggested a road trip!
We 18- stuffed from a wonderful dinner- people crammed ourselves into 3 cars and headed down the road. It was too late for the bakery...they were we made a quick left at the light and headed on up Highway 17! Look out Brusters...we are about to invade...and invade we did. I think cars drove by and passed up ice cream treats tonight because they saw this army of people hovering around the small window, waiting to be passed the final course of an already awesome meal! I know the people brave enough to stop were bewildered that we were one family...all together...ordering/eating/spilling ice cream (and I think some were thankful they were just innocent bystanders and not actual family members!:) )
So here are the pictures of our takeover...they never even saw us coming!
"Dad, hey dad!? Is that you? I can't see around all the curly hair...I think we got 'em if we move now...they haven't spotted us yet."
I missed the takeover! (Actually, I caught it on Leigh Ann's camera--which just so happens to be in HER possession---so no pictures of the actual takeover...just the aftermath. Hold on to your hat cuz this ain't pretty!)
We ate, while being cheesy, things called Dinosaur Sundaes and Dirt Sundaes (complete with a worm), vanilla with sprinkles, strawberry shortcakes, chocolate cake batter (, peanut butter with butterfinger, chocolate with sprinkles and much, much more!We showed off how worms don't scare us...we see worms as food, not friends, and we gobble them as quickly as possible.
Sometimes, we take one for the team and chow down on ours and someone else's who was too whimpy full to finish theirs. We NEVER let it go to waste...We get every drop out of every cup...We eat the ENTIRE cone, no matter how small we may look...
and we do it all with a (half) smile and much brain freeze.
This lucky man, got to pay for it all...Thanks was the greatest ice cream moment of my life (that I can remember)!

Anyone up for seconds?

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