Saturday, August 22, 2009

Down, Set, Hut!

Well, it is beautiful day in the south. The remnants of Tropical Storm whatever his/her name was and Hurricane Bill have left us with sunshine and cooler weather...80 degrees feels so good after weeks of 98 and 99 degrees!

Cooler weather can only mean one thing in the season is upon us (that, or there is no global warming...)! I will go season! Now, anyone who knows me knows that I am a basketball girl. But I do love college is more fun to watch a game live, in my opinion, and I might love football because that means cooler weather all the time...but regardless of the reason...YES is our answer to, "Are you ready for some football?"

And this year, fighting through the constant comments about how dangerous football can be, Will has decided to begin his illustrious football career as a member of the New Hope Grizzly's 5 and 6 year old team. It comes complete with shoulder pads, pants with insertable pads, a helmet and a (disgusting) mouthpiece!

Today was the first practice. And as life would have it, Mark had signed up long ago to play in a golf tournament. Which meant that me, the mom, was left to get Will dressed in his practice gear, put the pads appropriately into the pants, boil the mouthpiece and make an impression of his teeth in it and get him to practice on time. Oh yeah....and bite my tongue to keep from telling him for the 200th time how dangerous football can be.

We got there...and Will could hardly contain his excitement. He was out of the car in a half a second and running out to his team without the first shoulder pad, helmet or mouthpiece...

He came back to the car when he realized he did not want to get hit without all that protection. So we fumbled through putting all that on and off he went. He stopped by the coach's wife's station for his NH stickers and his name to be placed on his helmet. Then I did not see him again until the end of practice when he joyfully announced, "That was AWESOME!" (his only complaint--and this made me laugh--was that his hair hurt whenever he put his helmet on or took it off...I think a haircut that could make his West Point graduate grandpa proud is in his very near future!)

Will is the one in the white shirt (they ran out of practice jerseys) in the "group" picture. He is the one on the left in the picture above....he just missed a tackle! I do feel better that he is one of the tallest...

I am not sure why that makes me feel better, but it does.


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