Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Little Bit Resty

Caroline has introduced us to a new word lately.

"Resty" is her newest fav and if I remember correctly my Latin classes from high school this definitely falls somewhere outside the realm of human language. Perhaps its origin comes from the stone age, but until we translate ALL of those pictures they drew all over the walls of their caves, we just can't be sure. So we surmise our own meaning here and say it means tired.

Hey, its my kids made up word - I can make up a definition too.

She uses it in sentences like this: "I don't need to go to sleep, my eyes are not resty."
"Are you resty? Cuz I'm not"

Is the picture becoming clearer now? No? Oh sorry. Just go with it.

I have lived in this town longer than I ever thought was possible. I don't live close to family. I don't have anyone I can call on in a pinch to help me out---I mean, except Mark. He has the kind of job that does not require travel and for that I am thankful. His only travels without us include to the golf course, or to South Carolina football games in the fall. The first one is usually over in about 4 hours and the second one is usually over before the game even starts. :) He is usually gone to those for less than 24 hours.

In other words...I don't usually have to be home by myself with the kids for longer than a few hours...you know...til I leave for the beach for a month but that is me leaving not him....

I digress.

I have been flying solo this week while Mark is eating at The Wilkes House, eating at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, playing golf at a conference. I am ok without him here (just don't tell him that I leave the lights on out in the den and outside on the porch while he is out of town). But my kids....not so much. They aren't used to it. They miss their daddy. Me?

I miss my sleep husband. :)

This missing of their daddy is not showing itself in bad behavior, or crying, or temper tantrums. I haven't seen acts of rebellion or rude behavior (you know, no more so than usual). There isn't weeping or gnashing of teeth...at least not from the kids.

Oh no, there "missing daddy" symptom is that they have chosen not to sleep. Like they are keeping vigil until he returns. " Light the candle, dear children, and hold it high so he can be guided back home by the glowing light." No candles here...no vigil in the true sense of the word. But there is lack of sleep in this household. Mainly on my part.

Will has been getting up to go the bathroom and announcing it each time.

"Mom? MOM? Are you awake?"

(I sit up suddenly, heart pounding, scared to death for half a second) and say, "What? What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I just went to the bathroom and wanted you to know."

"Oh...ok. Thanks."

"You're welcome, mom. Good night."

He crawls back in bed and is back asleep in less than half a second. Me? I am awake for about 30 minutes...tossing and turning. I drift back to sleep and I faintly hear..."Mommmmmmy? MOMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYY?"

I get up and go to her room.
"What Caroline?"

"There was this ladybug at Haley's house and Will (another Will other than her brother) killed it. I am sad about the ladybug and HIS family."

"Ok, Caroline, go to bed."

"Ok, but mom? Will you pray for my ladybug?"

So I pray for the ladybug.

"Don't forget his family."

I pray for the family.


(desperately trying NOT to scream)..."WHat Caroline?"

"When is my daddy coming home from his field trip?"

Now, if you scroll back up to the part where Will's conversation starts and read back down to the end of Caroline's conversation and you continue to do this ALL NIGHT LONG...that is a perfect picture of my night.

Last night was no exception...except I think I actually fell asleep BEFORE Caroline did AND I set the alarm to get up EARLY to work out before I left for work(that is REALLY early for those of you wondering). I slept some before the first potty break of the night. And then I tossed and turned. Dozed off...up again...repeat this over and over. I begin to think that I will not be getting up to exercise....and I doze off again.

"Cuz it's the eye of the tiger, it's the thrill of the fight, rising up to the challenge of..." I sit up in bed trying to find the source of that early 80s flashback...

Oh...my alarm. Time to get up? Already? But I just went to bed!

"Face to face, out in the heat... Hangin' tough, stayin' hungry. They stack the odds-still we take to the street for the kill with the skill to survive."

I feel like God was saying, "Ok, you asked for help to get out of bed and work out this morning. What else do you need? I gave you Survivor's number one song!" I guess if I am going to have the skill to survive, I better get up and strengthen my core...or whatever!

So I drug myself up and threw on my workout clothes and stumbled to the den...with the pitter patter of little feet behind me...

Pitter-patter of little feet? Oh yeah...forgot to mention that "The Eye of the Tiger" aslo inspired Caroline to hop out of bed bright and early. I laid her down in my bed and gave her some kind of lecture about how people in this house do not get up while it is dark outside (all the while she is looking me up and down seeing that I am dressed, shoes on and, well, up).

I put her in my bed and go to workout...she gets up and complains...asks for juice...wants to tell me a story...wants to exercise....

I put her back in my bed 1,000 times and she finally stays when I get in the shower (she may have stayed because she was afraid I would follow through on my promise to make her wish she had not gotten up early this morning). But she does not sleep. At least not until about 15 minutes before we had to leave for work. I pick her limp, soundly-sleeping body up from the bed and take her to the car, strap her in and shut the door.

As I get in, I notice she is kind of rocking back and forth. THEN, she has the gall to moan and groan and growl about being tired. I had to bite my tongue and suck my coffee down quickly to not respond inappropriately to that! Deep breathes. Those don't really help, just so you know.

But then I noticed that it had gotten quiet back there. I look back and this is what I see:

If her seatbelt had not tightly held her, she surely would have fallen out onto the floor of the car. I hope she learned her lesson!

Me? I am resty and looking forward to bedtime...and for the time when I can say:

"Risin' up straight to the top, had the guts, got the glory. Went the distance, now I'm not gonna stop, just a (wo)man and her will to survive..."

I am thinking that time will be Saturday when I don't HAVE to get up...


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