Monday, August 24, 2009

Not My Child, Monday!

Feeling embarrassed by something your child said or did lately? Well, don't! We have all been there and thanks to MckMama, we now have an outlet in which we can get these off our chest. Check out MckMama's site to see what other children have been doing to embarrass their parents.

My child did not tell me this week that I was not her favorite mommy. She did not tell me that her other mommy is her favorite and that she is ready to put me up on the shelf. (seriously, she said that). When I asked her who her other mother was, she did NOT respond with the name of her daily sitter. She would never prefer her over me or want to put me "put me on the shelf".

My child did not get his name on the board 4 days out of the first 6 days of school. He did not get all excited about the fact that at the end of the 2nd week of school he had not had to miss any recess time, that he forgot to tell me that he did get in trouble at lunch. He did not forget to tell me that he earned himself silent lunch!!! Not my child! He would never cause trouble at lunch at the school where I teach!!!!!!

My child did not ask me in the public restroom of Chili's Restaurant if I was going to poop! When I told her no, she did not then loudly announce, "Good! Cuz then it would stink! And we don't want it to stink, do we mommy?" Nope, not my child. She would never say something so embarrassing!

My child did not get mad at me because I did not move fast enough when she asked for something and did not repeat her request by saying, "Did you hear me MOTHER? I asked for something to wear, MOTHER. Are you not going to get it....MOTHER?" My child would never be so rude. Not my child.

My child did not tell me earlier in the week that I looked like I had a baby in my belly. She would never be so mean. She did not add to that today this comment as she rubbed my arm: "Mommy, God gave you big ole arms to match your big belly right? And he gave me little arms to match my little belly, right?" I was too mad to answer!

What have your children NOT been doing?



  1. OH MY GOSH, about wet my pants I was laughing so hard, then had to call my mom and read her blog to you!! That Caroline is my girl!!!:) P.S. You look great and Trey told me I needed to take that Green Tea weight loss supplement when he saw the commercial, so don't even worry about it!:)

  2. woops don't know why it came up as Bobby, but I (SARAH) wrote the comment, as if you couldn't tell!:)

  3. and woops again.... read your blog to her I meant. Geez, i'm an idiot today!:)

  4. I bookmarked your blog after a McLinky photo blog hop a couple of weeks ago and stopped back today to check it out. So glad I did! This is too funny! I bet you're never bored with your kids around to entertain you! Seriously, I laughed so hard at this post. Thanks for brightening my day! Blessings! Angie :)

  5. Wow! My children have said similar comments before too!