Friday, August 21, 2009

Oh Caroline!

She is cute, isn't she?

I've always thought she was pretty cute. Til last night.

She was snuggled up to me, watching (as she calls it) "The kid princess movie" ...we have watched this movie every afternoon for the last five days....well watch is a relative is on and she sees at least the first five minutes and then she is either asleep or running around the house.

Yesterday she asked me to snuggle with her and watch the movie. I could quote the movie by now, and watching it was the LAST thing I wanted to do, but I obliged. Because, well, I am just like that. Whatever makes my kids happy...I will do it (hahahahahahaha)! She crawled up on the bed, laid her head on my shoulder...started rubbing my belly and then said......

"MOMMY! You have a BABY in your belly!"

Yeah...I used to think she was cute...not so much anymore~

And later on when she told me her foot had a headache....I told her that is what happens to little girls who tell their moms (who have been working out like crazy!) that they look pregnant.


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