Sunday, August 9, 2009

Oh, The Places We Go (and the things we see and hear)

What a weekend!

We have been having so much fun this weekend that I forgot to take pictures! GASP! But don't fear...I have some really funny stories to tell you...well, they are stories that made me laugh...if you don't laugh...hey-that's your problem!

I started back to work last week (teacher...3rd grade)...that is not the funny part. So stop laughing. For those of you who actually know me (do any of you actually read my blog?) you know my year last year in fourth grade was TOUGH! Luckily, I failed fourth grade AND got demoted to third, so I am thinking this year has to be better right?

Will was worried at the end of the first day (which was Friday) and he came up to me after we had gotten home with a very serious look on his face.

Will: Mom?

Me: Yeah, babe?

Will: How was your first day? I mean, really what I want to know is how is your class?

Me: They were great Will, thanks for asking.

Will: But mom, will they be better than last year? I mean, really better?

Me: You know, I am pretty sure they will.

Will: Thank goodness, cuz I have worried about this for SO long!

Oh my...hate that I had my little guy worried about me. In my defense, last year was really bad-like "maybe-I-am-not-called-to-be-a-teacher-this-is-the-worst-year-of-my-14-year-teaching-career-I think-I-have-made-a-mistake" kinda year. I am thinking that God is smiling on me this year...I went from 24 students last year to 16 on Friday (that actually is a prayer request...cuz I need at least 17 to justify my position) and I actually have more girls than boys!

Now, as a small joke, I think, on God's part, it was a full moon on Friday. A full moon is NEVER good during the school year but on the first day...I just had to shake my head in disbelief. And just to make sure I did not miss it...Caroline pointed out how big the moon looked about 400 times on our 15 drive to her sitter's house.

So Friday was the first day and that means Monday will be, well, another first day. They seem to not remember ANYTHING we go over on Friday, so we repeat it on Monday. That is always is like being in a time warp that doesn't want to end.

Friday night, I was exhausted and Mark knew I would be so he came home earlier than normal and said, "Paige, I love you so much and I am so proud of all of the work you have put into getting ready for this school year. You are my hero and I am proud to say that my wife is a teacher. Because of that, I want to take you out to dinner tonight!" "Wanna go out to eat, I'm starving?!"

We ate out (even running into one of my new students and her family) and when we left, I assumed we were going home. You see, Mark is a creature of habit. If there has not been a plan mentioned beforehand, we eat and we go home. But Mark threw a wrench in the plan and took us for a drive. (I LOVE to take drives for no apparent reason...Mark thinks it is a waste of gas)! :)

I think I got this love of driving around and just looking at stuff (houses, landmarks, houses...) from my dad. We used to loathe it every Sunday after church until we were old enough to stay home by ourselves. Now I am the one telling my children to be quiet and asking Mark, "Who lives THERE?" or "Wow, I did not even know this was here!" To which Mark usually rolls his eyes and says, "I have brought you by this before." We even found a water leak on our drive around town...that justified it all for Mark! :)

As we were driving out in the middle of nowhere...out where I had NO CLUE where we were or how to get myself home if I got stranded there alone...we saw LOTS of cows. Caroline kept pointing them out to us, not wanting any of us to miss any of the one million cows we drove by. She even added comments like, "Oh look at this one...he is so cute. I think I will call him (insert any name here)." She got quiet for awhile and we did not dare look back at her for fear that eye contact would cause her to start naming cows again. However, all of a sudden, she yelled out (yelled because she had her headphones on but clearly was not watching the movie), "I DON'T WANT OUR CAT ANYMORE...I WANT A COW." And then she got quiet again. Until she requested the hairy song...

(a song from "Mamma Mia" where one line is "And your name is Harry"--however that took a LONG time to actually figure out).

So Saturday morning we wake up and surprise the kids with the news that we are taking them to White Water Amusement Park in Atlanta. (One of the bribes we used to get Caroline to poop on the potty--which incidentally did not work WHEN we wanted it to--at the beach---was that she could go to the waterpark ONLY when she pooped on the potty). So, since she is still doing well with this--and still brings up her desire to go the waterpark only about 6 times a day--we decided Saturday was the day. Oh the joy! Oh the excitement! Oh the allergies...just Mark, but they were bad...he sneezes and snorts and makes noises that one would only expect to hear from a pig in heat when his allergies are "acting up". Caroline, being so sensitive, went up to Mark and rubbed his cheek and said, "I am sorry that you have allergesus (pronounced "aller-jesus")." Mark looked at her kinda funny like--sort of like when a puppy tilts its head to the side and looks at you like he is REALLY listening--and she says, "You don't just have a allergy--you have allergesus."

I did not know this but apparently the plural of allergy is allergesus. I never saw that one on the SAT, but I bet it was there and I missed that question.

So after taking Zyrtec, we headed out the door. White Water was a expensive zoo...but a zoo. We only rode one ride as a family, but that was only because not one of us could stand the wait again. My dad would be disappointed...I did not time the wait and then compare it to the time of the ride...but it would have been something like, "Wait=1.25 hours, Ride= 1/8 of a second." We started to get in the big raft and Caroline decided she did not want to go. I vaguely remember saying something like, "I did not wait for 2 hours to not ride this ride, now get in the boat and hush--I don't want to hear any crying." When she actually did start to cry because she was so scared that her eyeballs were popping out of her head, I told her to quit and be tough, nothing was going to happen her. She whimpered the rest of the way down and then, as we exited the death trap raft, she gleefully announced, "I wanna ride that AGAIN!"

We decided to hit the wave pool and we were having a great time, until some girl stepped on an earring and bled all in the wave pool so they had to shut it down for "maintenance"! We happened to be in the right place at the right time to see it all.

So we headed to the freezing cold kid section (we surmised that this water was infinitely colder than the rest of the park's water because they must drain it and refill it every day...that made us a feel a little better about our children's blue lips during this playtime but also made us wonder why they have to drain it nightly). We could see them for a few seconds, then they would disappear into a tunnel or a slide or under some arctic waterfall and we were frankly too wimpy to follow closely behind them. Mark and I even caught ourselves almost yelling at kids who were splashing water as they ran/walked/stomped through the section where we were sitting on the side...I almost yelled something really intelligent like, "Hey, quit splashing water are getting us wet!" But, be proud of me family, I actually thought before I spoke!

Well, as we were sitting there people watching I noticed a young girl about Caroline's age in a cute light pink bathing suit and an ENORMOUS hot pink bow in her hair. I nudged Mark and said, "WHY in the WORLD would you put a bow the size of Rhode Island in your child's hair to come to a WATER PARK?" We laughed at the complete idiotic nature of the mother who would care that much about appearances to have to have a bow in her kids hair while she was swimming. The we said, "Have you seen the kids? I haven't seen them in a while." We looked and looked and while I can't say I ever saw my own kids, I did stumble across the girl with the enormous bow about 12 different times. Smart mom, that bow lady mom. (Just for the record, I did not lose sight of my children for THAT long).

I also realized during my people watching time, that while I think I might need to lose another 20 pounds, if I ever go back to White Water, I am wearing a thong. And I will be one of the BEST looking people there!

I have to go to bed now...because unlike Caroline when she went eyes are "resty"(I think that means tired).

Happy Monday yall!


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