Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blog Hop--3 Things Every Parent Should Teach Their Kid(s)

Ok. This was hard. Trying to do this without picking the most popular...trying to do this without being too serious...trying to make this funny as well as make my point...

So here it goes...

1. As a school teacher, as well as a mother, but more from the standpoint of a teacher....I WISH EVERY PARENT WOULD TEACH THEIR CHILDREN HOW TO BLOW THAT BIG, GREEN BOOGER FROM THEIR NOSTRIL...it really can make a teacher gag when it just sits there... OH! And on this note...let's all teach them that picking their nose is not cute and NO ONE wants to see it-especially in this day when swine flu runs rampant!!!!!!

2. Learn to laugh. This is two-fold. Learn to laugh at themselves...meaning don't take themselves too seriously. But also learn when it is appropriate to laugh. We don't laugh AT people, we laugh with them.

3. This is last, but certainly not least. This should actually be my number 1, 2 and 3 for me to teach my youngest child. LEARN TO WHISPER! And I don't mean in church, or at weddings or whatnot. I mean, when they want to ask you why someone is large, they whisper it...Or when a friend with a lisp sits down beside you to talk parenting tips and they want to know why they spit when they talk...they whisper (praise the Lord that the friend heard "why are you sitting here to talk?")...Or when they walk up to the casket at a funeral (even though you have asked them to please stay in the back with a friend of yours) and they ask you, "Is that the dead guy?"...a whisper would be nice.

Those are my top 3...can't wait to see what yours are!


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  1. Those are great! I love the whisper one. My daughter has 2 levels of volume. Loud and louder. MOM, WHY CAN'T THAT PERSON WALK RIGHT? MOM, THAT PERSONS TUMMY IS REALLY BIG. Fun stuff to try to smooth over!

  2. I had to laugh at number one because my daughter just turned three and I am working really hard to teach her how to blow her nose and she is just NOT getting it. And then she picks her nose too. I'm trying haha. I really am!!!

  3. I love your list!! #1 had me cracking up and gagging at the mental picture haha.

  4. #3 is so so true. It had me giggling at the funeral example. Love it.