Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Dawgs Choked but ROLL TIDE!

So we went over to our friends' house for the first big night of college football. Mark, of course, is a Gamecock fan and his big night was Thursday night and I am a Tarheel, and my football team is rarely on TV here, but Greg and Dusty are neither and one of their teams was on last night. Dusty is a War Eagle, who married an Elephant and Greg has done to his two boys what I have done to Will. Brainwashed them big time. They are huge Bama fans...well, everyone but Dusty. You know, Auburn marrying Bama is almost as sacrilegious as a Tarheel marrying a Blue Devil. But I digress. We got over there for the kick off of the Georgia Bulldog game, Mark dressed in Oklahoma State colors, and this is what we found.

This is where Dusty and I could "sit and talk" according to Greg:

And on the other end of the porch was this set up for the boys:

Greg ran cable out from the house, brought out of storage a TV he had in college and set up reclining chairs for the boys to sit in for HOURS and watch college football. (and yes...I happened to take the picture when Lou Holtz, former Gamecock coach, was on ESPN...Mark said it was a good sign).
The kids were occupied for the first 10 minutes with the mama cat/hunter extraordinaire and her precious two week old kittens. Mark tried to steal 'em before we left....not really, but he wanted to.

So the boys wasted no time settling in for the kick-off of UGA vs OSU...snacking on homemade salsa and chips and even so relaxed that they asked us to open their cokes for them. They momentarily forget who they were speaking to....

We ate great food and settled in while the kids ran wild. They played in the new treehouse (which I incidently got NO pictures of...sorry Greg) and then grabbed guns and ran off to protect the homestead from intruders. Well, the boys grabbed guns, Caroline grabbed, well, a horse. She wanted a quick escape, I guess. Will took the first watch...that lasted all of about 10 seconds.Then John and Will tried to convince Max and Caroline that this work was better left to the elders of the group and that they, the young ones, should probably take cover in the unphotographed tree house. They did not buy it!
I think this one looks like Max is trying to break up with Caroline, or propose, I am not really sure. She looks so prim and proper, keeping her horse in line as well as she is intently focused on Max. Dusty had warned us that Max had decided earlier in the week that he was ready to kiss a girl, so we kept a close eye on the two of them....
We were not sure if Max was petting Caroline's horse here, or sizing her up for a smooch! So we called them in for dessert to distract him from the whole kissing thing!
All in all, a great time was had by all! Mark finally has someone who shares his passion for football---screaming at the TV and whooping and hollering just like he does; Will found a new friend that has already, less than 24 hours later, invited him over to his house to play in the mud; Max may have found his "girl" and I, of course, already knew how much I liked Dusty! And the icing on the cake? The Dawgs choked and the Tide, Tigers and Tarheels rolled on victorious!
A good day indeed!

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  1. I love it!!!! You did a great job capturing our great kick-off to college ball!!!