Saturday, September 19, 2009

Football and a Flood!

So it was youth night at the local high school last night. That means there are A LOT of people 11 and under, and their parents and grandparents and cousins and aunts and uncles who don't normally attend the Friday night game who were there in attendance last night. And we were a family of four there as well. Yee Haw! This is some of Will's team, his coaches and some of the extra 5000 people who were also there! (Will is #64, in case you are struggling to find him). He was SO excited to get to walk on the track....however he was a little disappointed that he did not get to stand with the team during the game! LOL

The kids were all so excited...and it was so out of control. The teacher in me wanted it to be a WHOLE lot more organized!

Will was talking smack...about what? I have no idea. Perhaps today's game --that was cancelled due to the mosoon that blew in over night...btw we are anxiously anticipating the arrival of the Ark! Come forth Noah!
Caroline and her friend Addie like to hang out at the boys football practices--playing with naked barbies and in the dirt and eating food and drinking drinks full of sugar...last night they found each other and immediately began looking for dirt!

We got to see Haley....Caroline's other mom...and actually she looks like she belongs to Haley and not to me...Caroline saw her and was ready to ditch me immediately and spend the rest of the night with her. Oh well. I guess I got put on the shelf...
So the walk began. The boys let the cheerleaders go first, or maybe it was not them being a gentlemen, and just that the cheerleaders got there first!
Will was so excited that he lost his hands! Seriously, I have no idea why he did this but he did it the WHOLE time he walked the track. He makes us so proud!
After walking around half of the track the kids lined up in front of the inflatable tunnel and waited for the Northwest Bruin Football team to run out for the game....we waited and waited and waited and waited and waited...well, you get the point!
Run already....
Oh joy! They finally ran out of the inflatable tunnel...and then the 5000 youth athletes had to find their parents. THAT was when the fun began!!!
We picked up a few stray kids whose parents must have left them....just kidding...these are Will's teammates...#4 is the quarterback, Will is the center, and Hammontree is....well, he does not know what position he plays! LOL

Caroline had me purchase two more pom-poms for her so she could cheer Northwest onto victory. After we purchased these pom-poms, we got caught in a crowd of people not moving at all as we tried to head back to our seats. I am short so I kept jumping up trying to see what was happening. I heard about 17 different versions of the story, but what I think happened was a grown man was jumping up trying to catch a small, foam football that the cheerleaders throw after a touchdown and he fell down and through the opening of the bleachers and broke his knee. So be warned...high school football games can be extremely dangerous. The cheerleading sponsor even told me that last year, when the cheerleaders threw plastic footballs, one cheerleader tripped right before she threw it and beamed it (on accident) right into a kid's eye...the school had to pay a medical be DOUBLE warned!
Just for fun today we got up and got ready for Will's 2nd football game while a monsoon was taking place right outside our front door. We kept waiting for the call to say the game was cancelled but we received nothing. So we left the house and Will immediately exclaimed that it looked like THE flood outside! We drove the 20+ minutes to the field, pulled into the parking lot and it was cancelled! :) Joy! So we went home and Caroline made her own ark, just in case she needs it!

And Will, watching college football on TV today, said, "Hey guys...we are under a food warning! What is a food warning?" Auuuhhhhh! Honey, that would be a flood warning! :)
Roll up your pants and hang on tight...the water is rising!

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