Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Bro!

My little brother is getting older. In fact, today, he is only 10 years younger than me. Yeah, you read that right. I had the GLORIFIED position of being the baby of the family. I had two older sisters, but I was the baby. The baby….my dad had really wanted a boy but when I came along, he had to release the dream of carrying on the family name and pour all he had into his girly children. I took up the position of being the boy he always wanted (complete with short, boy-type haircut…thanks again for that mom!). I played sports, I cussed, I spit….just kidding. I didn’t play sports. Kidding again. I did play sports and I did try to be the boy… And for 10 glorious years, I held the position of baby of the family and held it well…then I got the news. Baby coming in September…and…IT’S A BOY! Oh no…not a boy…ahhhhh! He slid into that baby of the family position like he knew what it meant from birth. I have said for years that he is the golden child and I stand by that…and just now as I said that to you I remembered that I was supposed to send my little bro the garage door opener for mom and dad’s house like a month ago…whoops! I will get it to you soon….consider it your birthday present!
Love you Little Bro…you are a great husband, an amazing father to two of the cutest kids, an uncle who “rocks” and a very loyal worker! Keep your boss honest!
Happy Birthday!


  1. LOVE the video! We just watched it! That was so sweet of you and we got a good laugh over the glove picture...I was like "is that what you were doing when I was trying to birth your son?!:)"

  2. Okay seriously. We are playing that at Bobby's funeral. :) Too too funny!!