Saturday, September 5, 2009

A holiday weekend! I know it is only Saturday at 2pm, but I have some funny things to tell you.

First of all, Will got a jersey from a great friend of mine that sported the local high school team on the front and Will's name on the back. He was so excited that he told me we HAD to go to the game because he had his new jersey to wear! LOL A boy after my own heart.

He was waiting anxiously for Mark to get home and was ready to go as soon as Mark walked through the door. Mark came over to him and asked him if he had gotten his name on the board (He had not, and for the first time he went a whole week without getting his name on the board--forget that he was out on Thursday for a sinus infection)...anyway---Mark said to him, "Always stay such a sweet boy, don't drink, or smoke or do drugs...ever, ok?" Will looked at him, taking it all in and then panicked and said, "I can't ever drink again?!?!" I laughed so hard...he thought he was not allowed to ever have another thing to drink.

We won't even talk about the fact that Mark wears this shirt ALL the time and I HATE it. Thanks a lot dad for bringing this home from the ACC Tournament. I am so sick of this shirt...I think I might burn it!

Last night at the football game, Caroline was afraid she might fall through the crack of the bleachers and she said, "If I fall there, then my neck would break off and then you would only have to take care of my head, right?" Sure, babe!

Then she said
, "Mom, I wish my head was your arm."
Me: Why?
Caroline: Because then I could always be with you! sweet! She is already my constant shadow...not sure she could get that much closer!

Caroline decided to dress herself today...she is wearing a skirt (that has attached shorts), jeans over the shorts part of the skirt and a blue shirt that is kinda big on her...she was adamant about wearing THIS outfit.

So, we are going to watch some college football with some friends and I am bringing brownies and ice cream and homemade salsa. So Caroline snuck into the kitchen as the brownies were cooling and decided she needed to check and see if they were good enough to take. She deemed them great. I deem them embarrassing to take into public.

As her punishment, I made her go grocery shopping. Only it is not punishment for her...just me.
She had the time of her life pushing her own cart. Thanks Kroger, for that...I really LOVE those tiny carts.
Happy LONG weekend!

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