Monday, September 21, 2009

Not Me Monday

This blog was started by MckMama and it is the BEST kind of therapy for those of us who would never be able to find the time to actually go to therapy over this. If you struggle over the things you said or did this week that you would never tell anyone...this is the place for you!!!!!

I did not allow my child to pick her own outfit out for church yesterday which did not match at all. I also did not let her go to church without brushing her hair. I would never allow for mother raised me better than that.

I did not laugh out loud when my children were discussing a relatively new church by our house. They talked about how it used to be a big grassy field before the church was built. Then my three year old said, " was a big grassy field and then it growed a church. Right, mom?" I did not just agree with her and laugh all the way to church.

I did not put in my headphones the other day and pretend to not hear my arguing children in the backseat. I would never do that, that would dangerous and not very motherly. I would never be that person.

I did not show up an hour early for football pictures only to realize that I would now need to kill time and probably feed my children before returning to the field. I did not buy them Burger King for dinner and then proceed to buy myself a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks as my dinner. I did not then tell my kids that my coffee was my meal in a was fruit and dairy and possibly a bit of protein...I would never lie to my kids about nutrition and would never try to convince them that my coffee weakness is actually a meal replacement.

How about you? What have you not been doing this week?

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