Monday, September 28, 2009

Not Me!

This is an amazing way to have therapy, for free, and in the process feel a whole lot better about yourself when you see the "not me's" of the other moms....started by MckMama...who may or may not be doing a Not Me Monday will have to jump over to
her site to see what she is up to today!

Not Me Monday was started to tell some of the more embarrassing or "not for my bloggers to read" moments that you have had recently while writing it as if you did NOT actually do those things.

I did not feel foolish calling parents this week to say that school was dismissing early that day because of the rain and water on the roads....all while it was not raining a DROP! I did not feel ridiculous....and I most certainly did not have trouble explaining the decision to dumbfounded parents.

I did not learn a new word from my three year old this week...."glitterly"...I do not believe it has the same meaning as "literally" and I do not laugh everytime she says it in sentences like, "Glitterly, mom, we live far away from everything."

I did not learn a new word from a dear friend of mine this week. It did not come from Gomer Pyle and it did NOT make us laugh hard at Will's football game Thursday when she kept yelling it out. That phrase was NOT "Hoo-dee-hoo"!!!! We did not then become teenagers and start quoting "MadTV" phrases like, "Hey girl, heeeeeeeeey!" I did not laugh so much my sides hurt when it was done.

I did not smile huge on Tuesday night when my doorbell rang at 9pm (ok, I did not wonder at first "Whointheworldiscomingtovisitat9pmonaschoolnight") and then run to the front door after I heard my kids yell, "GRANDPA!" My dad did NOT drive way out of his way to see us as he drove from one appointment in Alabama to another in Tennessee. My parents do not live 8 hours away and it has not been almost 3 months since I have seen them. I did not act like a school girl when he showed up.

I most certainly did not finally understand why my refrigerator has an alarm on it. I was not cleaning out the old, moldy-penicillin-growing food from the frig when I got to one container and decided it needed to be washed immediately. I never wash anything immediately. I did not hear an annoying beep and begin to yell to my son to find that toy making that noise and TURN IT OFF! He did not then come to the kitchen and point to the frig and say, "" That certainly did NOT happen to me.

I did not take my child who has a peanut allergy to Chick-fil-a on Friday and tell her she could just get a grilled cheese while the rest of us snacked on nuggets and fries. I would NEVER do that. That would be cruel. (She was NOT in a bad mood before we left because she needed to have a bowel movement and it was NOT as cruel as one might think)...

I did not laugh at the Homecoming football game Friday night when a mom walked her ball gown wearing daughter out for the presentation (I really did NOT laugh at THAT) daughter who does not love all things princess did NOT say, "Oh mom...why does that princess not have a prince?"

What have you NOT been doing lately?


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