Thursday, September 10, 2009

What is Happening?

So we have been dealing with lots of illness at our house as of late. We have had Will and his dizzy spells last week (which ended up being a sinus infection…praise the Lord it was nothing more serious)…then Caroline decided to get croupy on us Sunday night. She is still fighting that and we are desperately trying to stay out of the doctor’s office as they are covered up in the flu around here (the flu-flu, not the H1N1 stuff)…and then Mark and I last night decided we were both too sick to do much of anything. I guess I decided I was sicker than he was because I went on to bed and cannot tell you what time the rest of my family laid their sweet heads down for the night.

Caroline is on breathing treatments and a steroid to help her breathe better. She certainly has enough energy to run a marathon after the breathing treatments and with the meds in her, she can run almost all night long. It is too bad she would be disqualified from any kind of running competition right now, because she would be killer…but that whole “performance enhancing drug” clause would jump up and get her I think! J

She tends to be kinda mean too on the breathing drugs and apparently very sassy! Will had a scrimmage game the other night and she decided she had had enough football and left to go see the cheerleaders. Only one small problem…she forgot to tell me. Now don’t you worry out there or think you need to call DFACS…I was keeping an eye on her…I saw her walk away and I gave her a full 3 minutes of uninterrupted cheerleader bliss before I marched over to her and drug her back to the football fields, kicking and screaming! Later in the car, she told me,

“When you came to get me from my cheerleader friends, you remember that? Well, you were not a very good MOTHER when you did that!”

Hello. I simply cannot wait until she is a teenager…

Will, by the way, won his scrimmage, but not before we had to do a little middle-of-the-game-wipe-tears-from-his-eyes-pump-him-up-pep talk! He is playing center (which for any of you like me means he snaps the ball) and apparently the cool thing to do if you are the other team is to line up your ABSOLUTELY LARGEST player across from the center and tell him to take him out. Now the center stands right in front of the quarterback, so he is really his first line of defense. Now, my kid is tall, one of the tallest on the team, but big? Thick? Strong? Yeah, not so much. He got his clock cleaned the first 3 plays of the game and came up after the 3rd play with his fingers in his mouth and tears rolling down his dirt stained cheeks. It did not help that the kid was throwing him down by his facemask and his neck…nor did it help probably that his parents were going ballistic on the sidelines—he eventually bucked up and started fighting back and the kid backed down. Will says he still wants to play so we shall see how that translates on Saturday morning for our first REAL game!

So, Caroline was still not better yesterday and so I asked my sweet friend who is a nurse to check her out for me. Caroline wanted to know why “Urse Amanda” had to check her up! J I was worried (because Mark had gotten me all freaked out) about pneumonia…but never fear. She is fine and we just have to continue treatments as we have been….oh joy! I can hardly wait for the sass that comes with a few more days of breathing treatments!

On a funnier note…Mark, with his COLD (because that is what we both have right now), crawled in bed beside me last night and TRULY asked me…”Do you think we have the swine flu?” I kicked him out.


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