Friday, October 9, 2009

Fall Break = Vacation it is official...Fall Break has arrived. We, me and the kids that is, decided that since we had five days off we would do something wild and crazy...we would hit the road running...and do something memorable! Any guesses where we might have gone? Here is a clue...

I know what you are thinking...we went on a cruise...we went to the beach and this is our condo... we went on a deep sea fishing expedition...

Really, people. Do you not read all of my posts? Like the one right before this one...I have had a sick, sick child this week...and you think I would pack up and go on a cruise? Man...that actually sounds like a good idea..........

But no, we did not hit the high seas. We did even go to the beach like we were supposed to (and we don't stay in a condo when we do go to the beach...we stay at Grandma and Grandpa''s called....home...sigh....). We did not go to the beach and we were sad about this. Sad we didn't get to see our grandparents. Sad we didn't get to play with our cousins. Sad we didn't get exposed to the chicken pox...oh wait...we aren't sad about that! And we are hoping that Cousin E.D. is the ONLY one who gets them...unless Leslie WANTS her youngest to get which case we hope he gets them too. I am so off track....

Because we had to cancel our trip to the beach, I had to buy Will's affection to come up with something great for us to do to get Will's mind off the fact that we were still in our town for this FIVE DAY VACATION instead of at the beach (I am getting more and more depressed as I type and wouldn't you know is pouring rain right now...ugh!). But we had fun today...we really, really did!!!!

We went to "the big city" (which is not to be confused with the small town we live in) and we went to the Aquarium. We were pumped! We all got up early (me, only because Will and Caroline would not quit asking my sleeping body, "when do we leave...when do we leave?") and we were off. One minor stop for some cough syrup for Caroline and a Pumpkin Spice Latte for me...and we were on our way.

And here are some photos to prove how much fun we had!

Will said he hates the way Caroline's head takes up "his space".

These are worms...gross!

Jellies, dude!

I have no idea who those 3 are in the background...but they were there forever and I did not want to miss the moment of wonder from my kids.

We love each other...even if mom had to say "get close, like you like each other."

Just keep swimming...just keep swimming....

She would have stayed just like this if I had not made her move along....

Do you see Nemo? (Caroline kept asking where the babies were...the eggs...from the movie...oh nevermind)

I loved that this fish and several sting rays seemed to have fashion sense. Black and white combination. One looked like it had leopard print skin...very cool!

Caroline's face is priceless!

The reason for Caroline's shocked look. And Leslie...we hope it was the whale shark you wanted us to say hi to because if it was the Beluga Whale...he wasn't there...he must have helped the penguins dig out and is enjoying Madagascar or something....

I have no idea what kind of fish this is...Leigh Ann...any ideas? Oh who am I kidding...Leigh Ann doesn't read my blog! It is a good shot though, don't you think?

Of course, no fish were nearby when I took the shot...but they are cute kids, right?

Grandpa...this one is for you. Caroline did not believe they were real because they never moved. But it did start a firestorm of questions like, "You would never want your daughter and son to be eaten by an alligator would you?"

Horrible picture...I know. But this otter was SOOO cute and he kept dipping his head in the water, and the kids would bend down to see him, then he would pull it up and look at us through the glass and they would pop up! He plunged his head into the water, they drop down to their knees, up comes his head....this went on for what seemed like forever. It was probably only 30 seconds or so, but the kids were dying laughing and a huge crowd started to gather around us (glad you weren't here Leslie)!

It was not Grandma and Grandpa's but....A good time was had by all....I think.




  1. Okay, I told you if you sent the link, I would read it, so I don't appreciate the "who am I kidding, Leigh Ann will never read this" comment!! The "fashion sense" the fish seemed to have is really a way to stay alive in this shark eat fish environment, but if you like the "fashion sense", then go with it :) I would like to know how you answered the question, "You wouldn't want an alligator to eat your son & daughter, would you?" Finally, I have no idea what kind of fish that is? Have I used my biology degree lately? Oh no, I joined the Army...go figure?

  2. Those were awesome pics. Totally a human Nemo experience. Now, I am thinking I'll wake up in the middle of the night to feed my son singing Dory's songs. Love it!