Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!

I cannot believe that my baby girl is FOUR YEARS OLD today!!!! It seems like just yesterday that she was this small:

She was precious wasn't she...? Actually she wasn't so precious at this time...colic hit hard here and she screamed ALL DAY LONG!!!! (except when she slept!)

She did have good taste in teams from VERY early on!

Always hammin' it up!

Precious on Easter Sunday!

More recently:
She sleeps well...once she FINALLY goes to sleep!!

A natural beach lover (thank goodness!)

I am amazed at how different my two children are...yet so much alike too. Caroline is my say anything child and she keeps us cracking up with some of the things that come out of her mouth! She is girly, and yet tough...doesn't want to take dance but wants to play football. She says what is on her mind WHEN it is on her mind. :) She loves dresses that twirl and spin and she loves pink. She is all about making whoever is holding her happy. She is precious and she is growing up way too fast!
Happy Birthday sweet girl!


  1. Wait til she turns 16 and starts looking at colleges! That's where we are right now, and I have no idea how she got to be this age!

    Adorable pics, BTW. :-)

  2. Wow! We have identical daughters. From the screaming all day (though mine never had colic, she was just mad all the time), to loving water, pink, dresses that fly when she spins, speaking her mind (sure you gathered that from some of my posts) - just wow, they are so alike! My daughter turned 4 in July :o) Happy Birthday to your precious Caroline!