Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Man Oh Man!

Oh how I am ready for this week to be over.

I am ready for this season of sickness to be over.

We have had quite the week. Quite the month actually.

Caroline has been sick...started with the croup. Stayed croupy for a while. I had a theory about why her croup kept coming had something to do with Chick-fil-A with a child who has peanut allergies (even though she was eating grilled cheese and nothing fried there....). The weeks we went, croup set in. The one week we did not, she was ok.

Had an ear infection in her left ear.

So then we went back to the doctor because the cough returned...he gave us breathing treatments for a month, an antibiotic and the hope that we would be better soon. We worked on it for a change. Cough horrible..especially at night. Then 6 days after that appointment, Caroline starts crying with her ear hurting...the other ear of course.

They called in antibiotic drops for the seems to help. She is still coughing...I am concerned...but hopeful that it will end soon. I mean, we haven't been to the Chick in over a week!!!! But that night...she starts to run a fever...101.5. Motrin given...fever down.

It does not return until Sunday night...102.4. Motrin...fever down...low grade fever next few doc and they say fever virus is going around...

Then, bingo...fever gone. I think...whew! We are over this...coughing persists though, so I call for cough we can all sleep! Then here comes her fever...99.6....then 101.4....then 102.3...then 103.6.

Yeah...pretty much...I freaked. Called doctor five minutes before they close and beg to be seen. I go...wait in waiting room with two people with swine flu...they were laughing about how they had it...uhhhmmm ok! Also in the waiting room, a baby with some kind of hive issue going on, what looked like an older brother with a younger brother who were laughing and cutting up and did not appear to be sick, but since they were on the "sick" side of the waiting room I can only assume one of the hysterically laughing brothers was ill and last but not least, a family attempting an intervention with a young girl who was refusing to eat for the last two days. I was captivated by the intervention and by the skill of the young girl to change the subject. I find myself praying for her constantly now...

We are called back to our 6. The North Carolina room (the doc has state maps hanging in the rooms and we got the NC room). I told Caroline that we were as good as healed... we were in the NC room. She didn't think it was funny. Actually at the time, neither did I.

We got her weighed and the nurse asks me what is going on. I start to tell her and say...I am sure it is there somewhere in her chart that I have called 3 times already this week. She nods her head and says, "Yeah, I saw the "Crazy Mom" sticker had been placed on your chart." She says all of this without cracking a smile. Then she half laughs and I am left to wonder...was she kidding or not?

So we go over the symptoms...the fever mainly...which of course is at 98.7 when I get there. The non-smiling nurse asks me if I want her to be tested for swine flu....well, I don't know. Should I? She won't give me any I choose yes. Let's test her just to rule it out.

Had I known what the test involved, I may have chosen no for her. She may never forgive me. The lab nurse, who also was not smiling (now, I feel that I should interrupt myself here and say that most of the time, the nurses there are GREAT! It could have been that I was the last patient and they were all waitin' on me)....ok...back to non-smiling lab nurse...she grabs a q-tip. But not just ANY q-tip...the BIGGEST q-tip I have EVER seen in my life. Then she proceeds to cram it up Caroline's left nostril...I believe far enough back there to actually touch her brain. The look on Caroline's face can only be described as complete and total shock and then she had the look of someone who had been violated. She looks at me and very emphatically says, "THAT HURT!" Sweetheart, my eyes are watering just watching!

That test came back negative. The doctor came in and he begins to poke and prod and search for meds that she is not allergic to...tells me she has a double ear infection, croup (now there's a shocker), and a virus of some sort. Love the specifics. Now, specifics are coming...just not on a diagnosis...more on the meds we would be given. Two anitbiotics, two breathing treatment meds, a steriod, allergy medicine, cough medicine and two shots (one of anitbiotic, one of steriods). Can we all just say, thank you for a prescription co-pay. They have started asking me if I want my usual when I walk into Walgreens now!

She screamed with the shots...and cried all the way home. She told Mark he had to carry her because her legs didn't work anymore...she'd been shot! LOL She milked it til I couldn't take it anymore and then finally walked to the bathroom to brush her teeth. She crawled in my bed and promptly fell asleep...which is where she is now. And it looks like her fever broke...she is a sweaty mess.

Praise the Lord. Please let it be over. Please!!!!


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