Monday, October 5, 2009

Not Me Monday

This blog was started by MckMama and it is the BEST kind of therapy for those of us who would never be able to find the time to actually go to therapy over this. If you struggle over the things you said or did this week that you would never tell anyone...this is the place for you!!!!!

I did not eat everything in sight this week for what appeared to me to be no apparent reason. I did not make excuses as to why I needed to eat and I did not tell my three year old child who has a nut allergy that some of the food I was eating had nuts in it (when it did not) because I did not want to share! Nope, not me. I would never do that!!!!

My three year old has not learned how to give HERSELF a breathing treatment. She has not taken it upon herself to do this all by herself so she "can help me out" around the house. She did not tell me the other day that I could go ahead and clean something while she took care of the "breafin' ma-treatment" (combination of breathing machine and breathing treatment).

I did not lose track of Will while tending to a sick little girl. I did not ask Mark where Will was when Mark came in from working in the hard. He did not start to panic and tell me he had not seen him outside for a while. I did not find him in his room doing this:

I did not laugh hard in the middle of the night (aka it was very dark) when my fever-running 3 year old rolled over and started rubbing my arm. When I opened my eyes, she most certainly did not say, "I just love you mom...and you look beautiful in your pink shirt."

I am not lacking much sleep right now and feeling a little weepy still. I would never get emotional over lack of sleep. Not me. I am so not an emotional person (hahahahahahahaha)!
What have you NOT been doing?

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