Monday, October 12, 2009

Not Me Monday

My son did NOT ask me when my birthday was the other day. I did not answer him by giving just the month and day. He did not then ask me if I was born in the 19's. I did not say yes and ask him why. He most certainly did not say he just wanted to know if I had lived way back in the 19's! I did not crush really I didn't. But I might have threatened too! Way back in the 19's! Whatever!

My daughter did not push all of my buttons while home sick so that I did not have to tell her that as soon as the sun goes down, she has to go to bed. I did not tell her that the doctor said she had to go to bed when it got dark. She did not crawl into my bed at 7pm and tell everyone good night. I did not lay down beside her with a huge smile on my face. I would never do that...lie to my child about what a doctor says? Who does that? Not me!!!

I did not take a bath the other day instead of a shower because I just wanted to. I did not freak out my child enough to cause this conversation.
Her: "Mommies don’t take baths!"
Me: "Yes they do."
Her: NO they don’t. They take showers. (She walks away very mad)
Comes back and announces "That’s ok…you can take a bath in my bathtub if you want."
Me: "Ok…thanks." (since I was already in the bathtub and had no intention of leaving)
Her: "But, mommies don’t take baths…"
Me: "YES, they do."
Her: "Well, fine. Do you want a Barbie or something to play with?"
I did not laugh for five minutes over this.

I was not outside throwing the football with Will and I apparently do not throw a football well. Will did not look at me and say, “You need to practice with Daddy. And I don’t mean my daddy…I mean YOUR OWN daddy!” I did not stand there with my mouth hanging open in total shock. I would never be that inept at a sport...I am a total sporty mom! Total!

I did not call a friend who happens to work in the fiber optic section of the same company that Mark works in when our tvs kept turning off the other day and ask him for help. When he told me he thought my box was fried and he would bring me a new one in "a little while", I most certainly DID NOT start throwing laundry baskets into closets and shutting the doors and telling my sick child to help as much as she could with picking up a bit...I would never do that because my laundry is always put away as soon as I fold it and I hold my sick child and do NOT make her do housework!

I did not only work for a half day this week....a half day....due to a very sick child. I did NOT almost have many breakdowns over her fever/cough/unexplained illness and I did NOT shed buckets of tears over her. I do NOT have a recovering child now and I am NOT extremely grateful!

I did not laugh out loud Thursday night with my family when we went to Walgreens to buy Caroline a toy for being so brave when she had to get two shots at the doctor earlier in the week and my husband very honestly said, "I have never been to Walgreens to just shop..." and he walked away! :)

Caroline did not march into the room the other day and with her hands on her hips tell me that she wants circles in her hair. She did not then leave promptly with me struggling to understand what she was talking about (I did not finally figure out that she wants curly hair!).

I am most certainly NOT on my way to the pumpkin patch right now with some great friends. The weather channel did NOT call for 90% chance of rain...we do NOT have a picnic planned. I most certainly will NOT have great stories and hopefully pictures to share at the end of today!

What have you NOT been doing this week?

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  1. I loved reading your Not Me! post. Especially the part about mommies don't take baths. Too funny! Thanks for stopping by and reading and commenting on mine too. Have a wonderful day. God Bless.