Friday, October 2, 2009

A Sporty Weekend

We have had football on the brain lately. We are either going to a football game, watching a football game or talking about a football game in this house. Now I am not talking professional football. I don't get into all the professional sports...sometimes, I think that paying athletes big bucks to play a sport they love makes them "play" it less and play "at" it more. Of course, this policy did not apply to my wonderful brother-in-law when he played professional basketball. Those games were ALWAYS very exciting for us to watch! :)

And I am also not talking about college football...though we have had some games to talk about around here lately on the college level. Mark's team is doing better as of late than mine...they had much to celebrate when they put the hurtin' on Ole Miss last weekend and they play the local high school team tomorrow so their record should stay in they are celebrating after beating the #4 team in the nation...whatever!
Now, my team, let me down last weekend. They traveled to Atlanta to take on the Yellow Jackets. They entered the stadium the #22 team in the nation....what? You are confused? Yes, I said they were the #22 team in the nation....but if you missed it that's ok...they aren't anymore. They left the stadium with their backsides having been handed to them on a silver platter. So disappointing....but it has been so long since we have been ranked that we are still on that high even though we show up nowhere in the Top 25 on ESPN!

No, I am talking more like this kind of football...the kind where five and six year olds tackle each other with the ease of....well, I could think of no example to support this...let's just say that after they get all their padding on and then get knocked down...the coaches have to help them up.
And tomorrow we have game at 9:30 am...I am so happy about that!!!!!!!!!!! :) We are 2-1 right now...hope that is 3-1 by 10:45 Saturday morning!
Then, tomorrow night we are heading to reunion basketball game at the local high school. We will not be seeing the likes of this at our reunion game:

That is whom my sister-in-law saw at the last reunion basketball game she went to and whom my nephew walked up to and rubbed his belly!!! LOL

NO, the game we are going to is going to make us laugh because many people I work with currently are going to be playing. I am taking my camera and cannot wait!!!!!!!!

So, I hope you are having a weekend full of everything you love...I do love sports, thank goodness...considering how much time I invest in it each week!


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