Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Cup Runneth Over


We woke up to an absolutely beautiful day here. We had nothing on the agenda which is odd for us on a major holiday like this. Usually we are traveling to either my parents or Mark's. But today, Mark was on-call. That means he carried "the phone" with him all day and night and if they call him out on an issue of any kind, he has to respond within 20 minutes. So there would be no traveling to my parents house (8 hours away) or to his (2 hours away). So, we slept in, ate bacon and eggs for breakfast and pondered what restaurant we would eat at later in the day.

No, horror of horrors, I did NOT cook. Mark and I discussed it and he did not want me to have to go to all of that work for just 4 of us. I thought that was mighty sweet, and took him up on it!
We had plenty of offers to eat with other people, but I am married to a man who thinks eating Thanksgiving dinner with someone other than your OWN family is sacrilegious! So we were on our own! More on that later.

The kids decided they wanted to play WAR with dad outside. So they all got dressed and headed outside to fight various enemies (whom I will not name lest some people think we are prejudice, which we are not)...I walked outside to take pictures and this is what I am greeted with:

I decided to stay outside and shoot pictures for a while and laughed pretty hard at what I saw. My husband was the biggest kid out there and really got into the "war".
Do you see the speck of blue in the bushes...that is Will, hiding with Mark, from Caroline. Nice, boys. She is four!

You might think that she is crying because she can't find her brother or dad...but rest assured. Those tears are for her lost juice cup! LOL

She did locate her brother and dad...perhaps with a little help from the photographer!

Will and Mark then thought it would be fun to shoot the photographer. So immature! :)

Mark hiding from Will and Caroline!
Caroline posing instead of being on the ready with her weapon!

Mark decided a tree was his best bet to stay hidden...not so much though. He was untouchable, but not hidden! Caroline was mad he was so far up because she wanted to "rope" him (tie him to a tree).

I stayed focused on him as he was climbing down in case he fell...I wanted to be able to catch it all on film help him if was hurt. He got down just fine! Darn! :)

Mark spotted something way down in the woods, so off the three musketeers went to locate and identify it (it was trash). They had fun on their adventure though!

Then everyone started to get hungry. we went!

And let me tell was GOOD! Not "my momma's kinda cookin' good", but good like...I did not have to cook all day and then clean all night kinda good! AND, there were toys and game to keep the littles occupied while we waited! AND...we came home with leftovers!!!!! SCORE!

So, today my cup runs over...with love, gratitude and turkey....but NOT a sink full of dishes!

Hope you all had a spectacular Thanksgiving!
Much love,

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Less Words Wednesday

A Little of This and a Little of That...Look What We Did?!?!?!

Even though Caroline declared that she did not like the tree because it was "boy" colors (green), she was all about decorating about 15 branches on the bottom of the tree with about 21 ornaments each!

Will was very much into placing the ornaments on the right side of the tree (does that mean something?). Caroline asked if "the tree was spending the night all dressed up" and got super excited when we told her yes!!!

Happy Thanksgiving week to you all!

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Things to Be Thankful For...

I have been thinking...since it is Thanksgiving week...that I would post things that I am thankful no particular order, so as to not hurt anyone's feelings.... :)


  • My loving Savior, who chose to give His life for me, so I could live eternally with Him. I do not know what I would do without the peace and comfort that comes daily with knowing I am safe in His arms.

  • My wonderful husband who puts up with my "fiesty" personality (which HE says he loves) and my sometimes nuerotic and irritating outbursts.

  • My kids...who make me laugh, who make me cry, who make me want to sleep longer...who make me want to be a better person.

  • My mom and dad...they gave so much for "us kids" and they were the picture of sacrifice. They took me to church (dragged me sometimes) and introduced me to what it meant to have a "relationship" with God and not just try to be "religious."

  • My sisters...they make me laugh...they keep me grounded...they put me back in my place and they love me no matter what!

  • My little brother...he may have stolen my place as the baby of the family but he has been a joy to have around all these years...oh who am I kidding? He is a pesky little brother but I love him anyway! :)

  • My siblings in law....yall rock for just sticking around in this crazy family!

  • Our troops serving

  • Our troops serving overseas who won't be home for the holidays

  • Starbucks coffee houses

  • Starbucks holiday coffees

  • Fridays

  • Tuesdays (when it is Thanksgiving week)

  • Jeans day at work

  • Haley---the sweet lady who watches Caroline every day.

  • My friends that make me church, on the phone, in inappropriate places...

  • My church

  • sales at Ann Taylor and Loft

  • North Carolina basketball (even if it is going to be a LONG season)

  • the Christmas spirit

  • a sense of humor

  • a job

  • a roof over my head

  • the ability to cook even if I don't use it often

  • time out

  • nap time

  • beach vacations in the summer

  • beach vacations anytime!

  • popcorn

  • blog friends

    • I am going to end my list for now...knowing I can add to it later. :) What are you thankful for?

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      Tuesday, November 17, 2009

      McLinky Blog Hop--Favorite Book

      It is McLinky Blog-Hop time again...this time it My Favorite Book!

      My Favorite Book? I am not sure I can choose my favorite book. I teach school and there are LOTS of books that are favorites of mine.

      I love the Bible and Redeeming Love...but I am leaving those books to others. It is not because they are not my that is just because...

      I want to give my favorite book for this time of year...drum roll please....

      The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

      This is one of those books that YOU could read in a very short time...but you could read it slowly through December to your kids. It is so funny and will make you laugh out loud, and it is touching and may make you cry or tear up, at least. It will frustrate you, it will irritate some of you and it will teach you a that is important at this time of the year and through out the year as well. You will love the Herdmans!

      As an added has a movie! Whoo-hoo! Who does not like a movie to accompany a book? The movie is cute too and much easier for kids to understand if the book is read ahead of time!

      I encourage you to read this book...even if you have in the past. It is a great reminder of Christ's love for everyone!

      Blessings to you and Happy Reading!

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      MckLinky Blog Hop

      Saturday, November 14, 2009

      Fun Weekend!

      So we are hanging out with some of my family this weekend and my kids have been in seventh well as my husband. Me? I was supposed to be on a shopping weekend with the girls so I am a bit bummed, to say the least!

      We have been back in Mark's old stomping to watch South Carolina play pretty respectably against the Florida Gators. My brother and his family are huge Gamecock fans and Mark and Will are when they are here. Well, Mark is all the time, but Will is only when in Columbia...otherwise, he bleeds baby Tarheel blue like his momma!

      Mark and his good friend Bill took Will and my nephew Trey to the basketball game Friday night. They had a great on the big screen in the arena TWICE and even danced on camera! :) Trey spent the night with us in the hotel.

      We got up early...not by my choice or Mark's...the kids were excited. We ate breakfast with a BUNCH, and I do mean a bunch, of Gator fans, and then we took the kids by to see where their dad grew up.

      We then drove downtown (to which Caroline asked us if "town had any doors") and met up with Bobby and Sarah and Elizabeth a mere 5 hours prior to gametime. Now, please keep in mind...there were eight of us between our two families and we had 2 tickets! So 6 of us weren't going...I will let you guess who they were...actually, no I won't. Mark and Bobby went to the, Sarah and the four kids occupied our four hours with various activities. (So , back to 5 hours prior to gametime...) we sat in this parking tailgating equipment (because the people we were going to meet up with decided not to tailgate), no drinks, one chair and one football. Oh what you can do with so little. But only for a short time...

      We walked around campus a bit...took some photos...ate lunch at a place called Yesterdays and then dropped the boys off at the game and off Sarah and I went to attempt to entertain 4 children in a town not our own in a small hotel room. (You may notice up above one of the pictures is of the boys sleeping...we laugh everytime they spend the night with each other because they seem to share a one time I woke up and Will's arm and head were hanging off the edge of the bed and Trey was right up behind him snuggled up to his back! I threw that picture in, not as something we did around town, but because, well, this is my blog and I thought it was cute!). We went to Frankie's Fun Park for a while, played football in the parking lot of the hotel and let the little ones take naps! Then we met the dads for dinner and sent Bobby and his family back to their house in Myrtle Beach.

      The boys were sad to split up on Saturday night but are already plotting their time together at Christmas.

      A good time was had by....most! I sure did miss my shopping trip though!

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      Friday, November 13, 2009

      Kids Say the Darndest Things

      We have been so busy lately with my brother and nephew visiting two weeks ago, my dad was here last weekend and we are in SC this weekend! I am exhausted just thinking about it all!

      I have some funny stories to tell you though.

      Last weekend when my dad came to visit, he made it to our house before I got home from work. When I picked my daughter up from the sitter I was trying to hurry her up and I said, "Let's go, baby, Grandpa is waiting for us in our driveway."
      She said, "Grandpa? Hey! I know Grandpa!"

      Yes, baby, you know him. So I threw her in the car, buckled her up and ran around to jump in the drivers seat. As I shut my door and toss the car into reverse, I hear this:

      "Mom, that grandpa that I he my uncle?"


      No sweatheart, he is not our uncle. Your grandpa cannot be your uncle. In MOST cases, darling, your grandpa cannot be your uncle!

      Moving right along!

      This weekend is supposed to my "Girls going shopping without kids/spouses weekend" but I had to cancel my reserved spot on that trip with much crying and gnashing of teeth. I, however, did NOT cancel my personal day from work. So I told Will that we would be leaving early for our trip and that I was just going to let him sleep in and then when daddy's meeting is over, we will leave. He looked at me and said, "Uhmmmmm, mom, I think I would rather go to school and learn."

      WHAT? What seven year old WANTS to go to school and learn and especially on the day that his mom (who, yes, IS a teacher at that said school) does not have to get up early and get ready and drive 20 minutes to want to do WHAT? I am raising a geek! What dedication.

      I am not proud of that last statement...not the educator in me, anyway. (My sister made me post that). I hope Sneaker Teacher doesn't read it though! I let him go to school and I even got his work he would miss in the afternoon and we did it AHEAD of time so he felt ok about leaving. Oh.My.Goodness. He must get that from his father!

      Ok...last story...this is not from my kids but this is my family still so I will share it!
      My nephew has two gerbils (gross!) and he wanted to take them to school and share them with his classmates (how sweet, I am sure his teacher LOVED that)! He got them ready, got himself ready...and they jumped into the car--my sister, my nephew, my 3 year old niece and the cage with the gerbils(resting nicely on my nephews lap). They are calmly driving down the road and all of a sudden my nephew says, "Mooooooommmmmm, there is something in my shoe. It hurts!"

      My sister says something like "There is nothing in your shoe but your foot." (And if she didn't actually say that, then she should have...). He starts again with the whole something in my shoe and it is moving and it hurts. And then he says (to his mother who is DRIVING him to school),
      "Here, mom. Hold this!" and he passes the gerbil cage to her...because she has extra hands, ya know...all mom's have 4 hands, right?

      He quickly throws off his shoe and immediately starts screaming like a girl (I made that last part up) saying, "It's a tree's a treefrog in my shoe." The frog, desperate for the light of day and fresh, non-feet stinky air, makes a jump for it! And off he goes to find a spot in the car to hide, die and stink (that is my prediction, anyway)...but not before leaving us with a GREAT story! :)

      I hope your week has been filled with fun stories like this...I have a ton more, but I figure you have other things to do, so I will stop. You're welcome.

      Happy weekend!

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      Monday, November 9, 2009

      One Question...McLinky Blog Hop

      So it is a Blog Hop and I am on my game....which basically just means I am participating this week. Yeah me! Aren't you so excited? I thought you would be. And since you are SO STINKIN' EXCITED about this, I want to share something with you that will just make you bust at the seams. YOU have to participate in this too. No, you don't have to start a blog or write a guest post on here(though that is not a bad idea)...but you have to answer my question in the comments section. Don't let me down!!! I am counting on your answers.

      So here is my mind burning question:

      What makes you laugh the loudest, cry the hardest, ponder the longest and be the quietest?

      Be sure to answer them all....I can't wait to see what you say.

      I will start:

      Laugh the loudest:telling a funny story that may or not be extremely funny but someone else thinks it is funny and is laughing hard...which makes me laugh...which makes them laugh...and then I can't quit or be quiet...LOVE to laugh like that! (My son would tell you that it was in church when I laugh out loud at something said and I am the only one laughing...but no one asked for his opinion!)!

      Cry the hardest: unneccesary(in my mind) death of a child or young person who has not had a chance yet to live...and more recently, the deployment of my family member.

      Ponder the longest: how do I live totally, 100% sold out for Christ? I keep failing...aren't I a disappointment to God? Why keep trying? And yet, God gently brings me back into his loving arms and shows me that he has not given up on me yet...and so I trudge on...and ponder more.

      Be the quietest: when my feelings are hurt or I am insecure in a situation.

      Now it is your turn!!!!

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      MckLinky Blog Hop

      Sunday, November 8, 2009


      I know you are all dying to hear this....

      Apple Jacks now contains fiber. Enough fiber, in fact, that they have written it on the box in a font that rivals the words Apple Jacks!

      So...just when you thought you had to give up your sugar cereal because it did not contain fiber... now you can proudly walk the house as you slurp up your green and orange circular bites of cereal and know that not only are you taking in your fruit for the morning, which is obviously found in the apples, but you are also taking in your fiber, which I have to surmise comes from the jacks?

      You're Welcome.


      Wednesday, November 4, 2009

      A Long Overdue Post

      WOW! I am so overdue for a post on this blog of mine. I cannot believe I have waited so long to update...I have had two family for each of my sisters whom I love greatly and did not miss posting on their birthday on purpose...and we, as a family, have had a tough week as one of our own was deployed and will be gone for at least a year. We have cried more this week than should be legally allowed. So, please pray for us...we sure could use it! Now, so we don't cry more.....

      ....on to the other news that you have been missing. We had trunk or treat last week and so enjoyed ourselves. We knew Will would be missing Halloween night trick or treating because he was going to a big college football with dad, my brother and my nephew. So we got super excited when Haley and her kids asked us to go to trunk or treat with them. I toted a very powerful "Bumblebee" Transformer and a super cute Super Girl with me that night. We had fun and even met up with an FBI agent and a witch (who must have been a good witch because she was super sweet to Caroline that night). We got lots of candy and checked off Halloween from our list! :)

      The next night, after trunk or treat, life was a little boring. Mark took Will with him to a softball game and we had planned for me to pick him up from the ball field before Mark had a late flag football game (and no, I am not married to a college kid...just a big kid...trapped in a 37 year old moaning and groaning and creaking old body) I kid...I can get some stuff done. NOPE! Not gonna happen. Cuz, about 10 minutes after they left, I heard, " need some help." I walk down the hall and this is what I encounter:

      She had been playing with the "bubble gun" and twisted her hair up in it really good!!!! And I do mean really good! This face that you see is right before she melts down right after I tell her I think I am going to have to cut it out of her hair. She starts yelling, "NOOOOOOO! No Mom! You don't know what you are doing! Call Julie!!! Call Julie, mom!!!!"

      Who is Julie you ask? Well, she is my very good friend who cuts my kids' and husband's hair. She is hilarious and we love to go get our haircut at Julie's! And Caroline wanted me to call her, then drive her (Caroline) to Julie's house with the bubble gun in her hair and let Ms. Julie fix her hair. This is sweet Ms. Julie (going up the escalator into Times Square for the first time)....

      I did not call Ms. Julie....well, that is not all together true....I did call her to tell her what Caroline had said and listen to her laugh....but I did NOT take Caroline there for an impromptu haircut! After I had just told someone earlier that day that I would never let Caroline get bangs again...I found myself having to cut off so much that she has long bangs now! AHHHH! It is just hair, right?

      Well, after that great night, we got excited for my brother and nephew to come visit (his wife and daughter didn't come, well, because, it is a 7 hour drive and who really wants to spend 7 hours in the car with a 14 month old?). But Bobby and Trey were coming and we could barely make it through school that day we were so excited! We had not seen them since July so we were anxious to say the least. The boys jumped right into where they left off and Caroline just inserted herself into the middle of it all!

      Bobby was a texting, facebooking, twittering fool while he was here!

      And Saturday night, Bobby and Mark took Will and Trey to the Tennessee vs. South Carolina game. The boys got all into it, to include the painting of faces!!!! And while their team did not win, the boys were over the moon with their first big college football game!

      So, we had a fun-packed week/weekend, we said goodbye to our family member with big ole tears in our eyes, and I am finally back to posting! Sorry to have taken such a long break...I have missed you too! :)