Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fun Weekend!

So we are hanging out with some of my family this weekend and my kids have been in seventh well as my husband. Me? I was supposed to be on a shopping weekend with the girls so I am a bit bummed, to say the least!

We have been back in Mark's old stomping to watch South Carolina play pretty respectably against the Florida Gators. My brother and his family are huge Gamecock fans and Mark and Will are when they are here. Well, Mark is all the time, but Will is only when in Columbia...otherwise, he bleeds baby Tarheel blue like his momma!

Mark and his good friend Bill took Will and my nephew Trey to the basketball game Friday night. They had a great on the big screen in the arena TWICE and even danced on camera! :) Trey spent the night with us in the hotel.

We got up early...not by my choice or Mark's...the kids were excited. We ate breakfast with a BUNCH, and I do mean a bunch, of Gator fans, and then we took the kids by to see where their dad grew up.

We then drove downtown (to which Caroline asked us if "town had any doors") and met up with Bobby and Sarah and Elizabeth a mere 5 hours prior to gametime. Now, please keep in mind...there were eight of us between our two families and we had 2 tickets! So 6 of us weren't going...I will let you guess who they were...actually, no I won't. Mark and Bobby went to the, Sarah and the four kids occupied our four hours with various activities. (So , back to 5 hours prior to gametime...) we sat in this parking tailgating equipment (because the people we were going to meet up with decided not to tailgate), no drinks, one chair and one football. Oh what you can do with so little. But only for a short time...

We walked around campus a bit...took some photos...ate lunch at a place called Yesterdays and then dropped the boys off at the game and off Sarah and I went to attempt to entertain 4 children in a town not our own in a small hotel room. (You may notice up above one of the pictures is of the boys sleeping...we laugh everytime they spend the night with each other because they seem to share a one time I woke up and Will's arm and head were hanging off the edge of the bed and Trey was right up behind him snuggled up to his back! I threw that picture in, not as something we did around town, but because, well, this is my blog and I thought it was cute!). We went to Frankie's Fun Park for a while, played football in the parking lot of the hotel and let the little ones take naps! Then we met the dads for dinner and sent Bobby and his family back to their house in Myrtle Beach.

The boys were sad to split up on Saturday night but are already plotting their time together at Christmas.

A good time was had by....most! I sure did miss my shopping trip though!

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  1. You may have missed shopping, but sounds like you made some great memories as well as letting your kids see stuff about their daddy's life. How fun!!!