Sunday, November 8, 2009


I know you are all dying to hear this....

Apple Jacks now contains fiber. Enough fiber, in fact, that they have written it on the box in a font that rivals the words Apple Jacks!

So...just when you thought you had to give up your sugar cereal because it did not contain fiber... now you can proudly walk the house as you slurp up your green and orange circular bites of cereal and know that not only are you taking in your fruit for the morning, which is obviously found in the apples, but you are also taking in your fiber, which I have to surmise comes from the jacks?

You're Welcome.



  1. You crack me up. Now could you go find some good info so I can get back to eating Captain Crunch???
    Hope you had a great weekend :o)

  2. Oh, Paige, Paige, know this saddens me. It's right up there with the "build your immunity" with sugar...found in the same aisle. I will not be providing these for the next holiday, but I am sure to scrounge up some tofu laden, agave sweetened bites of fiber for you!! Yummy!