Friday, November 13, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things

We have been so busy lately with my brother and nephew visiting two weeks ago, my dad was here last weekend and we are in SC this weekend! I am exhausted just thinking about it all!

I have some funny stories to tell you though.

Last weekend when my dad came to visit, he made it to our house before I got home from work. When I picked my daughter up from the sitter I was trying to hurry her up and I said, "Let's go, baby, Grandpa is waiting for us in our driveway."
She said, "Grandpa? Hey! I know Grandpa!"

Yes, baby, you know him. So I threw her in the car, buckled her up and ran around to jump in the drivers seat. As I shut my door and toss the car into reverse, I hear this:

"Mom, that grandpa that I he my uncle?"


No sweatheart, he is not our uncle. Your grandpa cannot be your uncle. In MOST cases, darling, your grandpa cannot be your uncle!

Moving right along!

This weekend is supposed to my "Girls going shopping without kids/spouses weekend" but I had to cancel my reserved spot on that trip with much crying and gnashing of teeth. I, however, did NOT cancel my personal day from work. So I told Will that we would be leaving early for our trip and that I was just going to let him sleep in and then when daddy's meeting is over, we will leave. He looked at me and said, "Uhmmmmm, mom, I think I would rather go to school and learn."

WHAT? What seven year old WANTS to go to school and learn and especially on the day that his mom (who, yes, IS a teacher at that said school) does not have to get up early and get ready and drive 20 minutes to want to do WHAT? I am raising a geek! What dedication.

I am not proud of that last statement...not the educator in me, anyway. (My sister made me post that). I hope Sneaker Teacher doesn't read it though! I let him go to school and I even got his work he would miss in the afternoon and we did it AHEAD of time so he felt ok about leaving. Oh.My.Goodness. He must get that from his father!

Ok...last story...this is not from my kids but this is my family still so I will share it!
My nephew has two gerbils (gross!) and he wanted to take them to school and share them with his classmates (how sweet, I am sure his teacher LOVED that)! He got them ready, got himself ready...and they jumped into the car--my sister, my nephew, my 3 year old niece and the cage with the gerbils(resting nicely on my nephews lap). They are calmly driving down the road and all of a sudden my nephew says, "Mooooooommmmmm, there is something in my shoe. It hurts!"

My sister says something like "There is nothing in your shoe but your foot." (And if she didn't actually say that, then she should have...). He starts again with the whole something in my shoe and it is moving and it hurts. And then he says (to his mother who is DRIVING him to school),
"Here, mom. Hold this!" and he passes the gerbil cage to her...because she has extra hands, ya know...all mom's have 4 hands, right?

He quickly throws off his shoe and immediately starts screaming like a girl (I made that last part up) saying, "It's a tree's a treefrog in my shoe." The frog, desperate for the light of day and fresh, non-feet stinky air, makes a jump for it! And off he goes to find a spot in the car to hide, die and stink (that is my prediction, anyway)...but not before leaving us with a GREAT story! :)

I hope your week has been filled with fun stories like this...I have a ton more, but I figure you have other things to do, so I will stop. You're welcome.

Happy weekend!

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  1. I think we get some of our best stories and laughs from out kiddos!!! I love that you think you're raising a geek - hehe!
    Um, tree frog in the shoe? Ewwww.

  2. Okay, so how did you get your header to have rotating photos???? Very cool!